The world's #1 completely cordless, smart, self-heated lunchbox.

Designed and offered by ReliantEMS Corp - a California company

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Hot food, anywhere, with zero waiting

Just set a mealtime, and LunchEAZE heats up automatically.

Completely Cordless

Just charge and go. Battery lasts for 2.5 hours of heating.

Zero waiting

Never wait for your food to heat up again. With smart timers, just set a mealtime and your food is hot and ready automatically.

Pays for itself

Save €10-€15 on every meal by using LunchEAZE. At that rate, it pays for itself in just a few weeks.

Hot as you like

With adjustable temperatures up to 105°C, your food heats up perfectly everytime.

Frozen food compatible

Fully compatible with frozen meals. Whether you're meal prepping or using frozen dinners, LunchEAZE makes it easy.

Goes where you go

Comes with a custom fitted insulated bag so you can take it anywhere, easily, and in style.

Easy and Convenient

LunchEAZE is easy to set up and use

Use the BPA free stainless steel container to pack your meal. Dishwasher safe, and perfect for meal prepping the week before.

Set it and forget it. Your settings are saved, so you only need to program it once.

Enjoy a hot meal with zero waiting. Heating automatically starts 2 hours before your mealtime to ensure any kind of food, even frozen meals, heat thoroughly.

Enjoy hot food anywhere, anytime. LunchEAZE is hot and ready right on schedule. Active heating continues, so your food is hot to the last bite. 

LunchEAZE Canada Bundle

Original price was: $309.95.Current price is: $269.95. CAD

VAT Not Included


+1 Extra Free Container included in package!

Items Included

Our LunchEAZE Canadian Bundle includes an Original LunchEAZE plus some extras:

1x LunchEAZE in Black

1x Meal Container PLUS 1x additional for free

1x Insulated Carrying Case

1x International Charger with interchangeable plugs

“Best purchase I’ve ever made to save money for my job. Highly recommend to anyone interested. They are like a small oven on the go and have the texture of a fresh home cooked meal!” – C. Garcia

The original LunchEAZE – the world’s first and only totally cordless, automatic, self-heating lunchbox. Have a hot meal up to 220°F anywhere you are, anytime.

Our smart timer system means you’re never waiting for your food to heat up. Program a mealtime, and your food is hot and ready right when you wanted it, automatically. No waiting, no worries.

Comes with a custom insulated bag that can fit your beverages and snacks at no extra cost!

A Consumer Reports Editors Choice!

     Orders ship within 3 business days, and take 5-7 business days to be delivered.

     LunchEAZE comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, covering any manufacturing defects and issues. We’re here to care of any questions or problems you might have. For any issues, please contact us.

     LunchEAZE is a USA-based company. For shipping in Canada, we use a local warehousing partner in Toronto. Because of this, we are unable to accept any returns. 

     For any issues or defects, we will repair or replace your unit under our warranty. We handle all repair work personally in our USA headquarters to guarantee the highest quality of service.

Weight 3.17 kg
Dimensions 18.4 × 14.6 × 11.43 cm
LunchEAZE Dimensions

LunchEAZE: 18.4 x 14.6 x 11.4 cm, 1.8kg

Battery Life

2.5 Hours Heating, 24 Hours Standby

Temperature Range

76°C – 105°C

Insulated Bag

Included, 20 x 20 x 16.5 cm, 2 Separate insulated chambers

Food Containers

2 included, 940 mL Capacity, 304 Stainless Steel

Loved by 100K+ customers

See what they have to say
Ashlee R
Ashlee R
Industrial Electrician
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Got one for my husband who is an industrial electrician and he loves it. He doesn’t always have access to a microwave and this allows him to heat his food easily, so he can save money by bringing his own and eat a little healthier than if he was grabbing takeout everyday.
Cesar N
Cesar N
Concrete Finisher
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Recommend 10/10, I am usually on the go going from job site to job site. This lunch box saves me so much time and money from stopping at a fast food place to grab lunch. It warms up my food food when i want it and at the temperature i want it. Its a great buy and a nice investment.
Destiny Z
Destiny Z
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Honestly , worth the money 100%. My husband works at different construction sites almost every week and they don’t always have access to a microwave. With the cost of eating out everyday and the hassle of leaving the job site to go get food this thing has saved us money and made him so much happier. I charge it at night for him and he just grabs and goes, by the time lunch rolls around he opens and fresh hot food again!
Eric R
Eric R
UPS Driver
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Have one, LOVE IT. I drive for UPS and in our area I dont have many options for lunch unless I pack a cold sandwich daily. This is perfect because whatever my wife and I have for dinner we can pack and I can enjoy the next day.
Shawna H
Shawna H
Busy Mom
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We love LunchEAZE! It’s perfect for school and for lake and camping days outdoors! It Warms my daughter’s food perfectly. I set it for her lunch time and know she is going to have a hot meal at her lunch time. She also takes it to the lake with her and has hot meals when hiking, boating, and enjoying the great outdoors! We love LunchEAZE!
Hunter B
Hunter B
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My new Luncheaze is great and it heats up my food perfectly. Now I can have a variety of foods for lunch instead of the standard deli cold cut sandwiches, which get old fast. The guys on my crew are really impressed by my Luncheaze as well. I’m also saving more money now by bringing my lunch.
Bailey M
Bailey M
Read More
The LunchEAZE is a life changer. Got it for my husband for his birthday after he always complained about not being able to bring leftovers or anything that needed to be warmed up to enjoy for lunch because he’s an electrician and doesn’t have access to any microwave or anything like that. The LunchEAZE works flawlessly and it’s incredible at heating up food with limited time on break and evenly distributing heat. Better than a microwave, and the carrier is so nice. I’ll only buy from LunchEAZE!

Heats up the competition

There are other heated lunchboxes on the market. See why LunchEAZE is different.


Leading Plug-In Variety

Cordless Competitor

Completely Cordless
Food Capacity
940 mL
530 mL
530 mL
Max Temperature
Waiting Time
Zero Waiting
1-2 Hours
15-30 Minutes
Set Mealtime in Advance
Carrying Case Included
Frozen Food Compatible
Removable Containers
Bluetooth App

Who We Are

Reliant EMS Corp

LunchEAZE is a ReliantEMS product. We’re a 15-year-old company in the heart of Silicon Valley that specializes in custom design, fabrication, prototyping, and manufacturing. We design and build everything from simple mechanics to advanced technical equipment. Our ambition is to take our robust design and manufacturing experience to improve the quality of people’s everyday lives by producing high-tech consumer products. We’re proudly ISO 9001:2015 certified, and always deliver to the highest standards. 

We believe LunchEAZE can change the way people think about their lunch times without sacrificing quality, efficiency, time, and taste. LunchEAZE got its start after a highly successful round of crowdfunding. The product successfully launched in 2019!

We are located at 47366 Fremont Blvd, in Fremont, California. Visit us to see where LunchEAZE is made! We believe in transparency and openness and are proud to show consumers our manufacturing facility.


Based on 1328 reviews

  • Heather Simon (verified owner)

    My partner is starting a new apprenticeship as an industrial electrician, and came home from his first day on the job mentioning wanting to look into heated lunchboxes. I looked at online reviews, and LunchEAZE was far and away the best available option. He doesn’t have to rely on a cold brown-bag lunch (or fight his way through the microwave line), and since he only gets a 30-minute meal break, having his food be hot and ready right on his schedule means less stress for him too. We’ve already ordered a few more meal containers so he can meal-prep on the weekends and be ready to go. Once, when he forgot to turn the unit on in the morning, his lunch was still warm enough to eat by the end of his break just from turning it on when he got to his car to eat.
    The Bluetooth app was useful in initial setup, but is less useful in day-to-day usage. Thankfully the on-device menus and buttons are easy to use and intuitive!
    I love the peace of mind knowing that he’s getting a hot, satisfying meal and not having to spend time and money on fast food or worrying about getting to a microwave. Absolutely worth the money.

  • Nancy Martinez (verified owner)

    Realmente recomiendo LunchEAZE desde que compre mi lonchera no me preocupo en que llebar de lonche todos los dias porque puedo disfrutar mi comida a mi hora de lonche bien calientita me ahorro mucho dinero cada dia puedo comer mas saludable y me ahorro mucho tiempo en no tener que hacer linea para calentar mi lonche yo misma programo a que hora quiero mi comida lista. aparte de que esta compania tiene muy buen servicio mi lonchera se me callo por accidente y dejo de funcionar pero ya la mande arreglar aqui mismo porque es muy indispensable para mi ya quiero de regreso mi lonchera…

  • Ryan (verified owner)

    Amazing product has performed flawlessly! Can actually heat up two or even three meals on a long shift. The bluetooth works but the app does leave something to be desired. Customer service is absolutely top notch. If you are on the fence, and need a great product to ensure you have hot meals at work; just buy it and buy it now!

  • Christian

    LOVE this little lunchbox, and has all my co-workers jealous about it. No more buying lunches at fast food places daily, and it helps cut down on leftovers in the fridge. MY only complaint is the actual lunch bag. The inside is starting to tear after 5 months of use, and I really wish the top compartment was the same depth as the bottom compartment so I can bring more snacks for pre and post lunch. The outside of the lunchbox had taken a beating from being in my work truck and traveling around everywhere.

  • Aracely Colunga (verified owner)

    Love it!!

  • Carolina Valencia

    Love the fact that the company is within California, I live in the central valley. I bought it for my husband because he has no microwave at his worksite, plus most days he’s on the road. At first he was hesitant, then fell in love with the fact he can have a warm meal for lunch. Especially on a cold winter day up in the beautiful mountains of Yosemite. The battery stopped working on exactly one year of purchase, the price of a replacement was reasonable. Recommend it 100%

  • nancy le (verified owner)

    perfect gift for my boyfriend who works in construction. i always felt bad seeing the type of lunches he’d pack, options were limited but with the luncheaze he can have whatever her works, a nice warm meal. 🙂

  • Sandy ortiz

    Best purchase!!!

  • Holly Driscoll

    So excited to see my son reaction on his birthday when he gets it

  • Jessica Herholz (verified owner)

    immediately had to purchase for my husband who drives all day. he’s on his feet, works with his hands & is constantly on the go. this helps him 100% & makes me comfortable knowing he can enjoy his meal during a hectic day. 1000% recommends to everyone i know!

  • Marco Medina (verified owner)

    Overall, I was very satisfied with the product. However, after doing cost-benefit analysis ROI wasn’t present when considering use of the product. I think a lower price would position better for market entry.

  • Tabitha Prince

    I’m a flight attendant and I fly long days. I didn’t get to have hot meals at work until I bought my Luncheaze. I’ve told other coworkers about it and a few have bought their own. It’s one of my favorite products I’ve ever had.

  • Levi Herold

    Excellent product for any line of work wether your in the office or on a job site quality is great the luncheaze is built to last

  • Ron Trammell

    This is excellent for a child to bring to school and have a hot lunch. This product does get hot and rarely fails to turn on at the scheduled time. It is a bit hot sometimes as heating something at 170 for 2 hours is too much for some dishes but that’s solved by placing a wet paper towel over or under the food. The unit tends to tear up the lining of the insulated case so I replaced mine after a year. The battery also lasted a bit more than a year before I had to replace it. Replacement was a simple task. Overall, my first LunchEaze Original lasted almost 2 years before the plastic tabs on the case where the lid attaches broke. The metal food tray is no longer held down to the heating element, so not good. The plastic tabs should be thicker.
    Some may be concerned about the overall weight but it was fine for myu 5th grade boy who has an additional heavy book bag. The standard bag comes with a shoulder strap and also has that nice pocket above the heating unit to carry the rest of a lunch. The bag easily accommodates a small soup thermos and plenty of snacks.
    My son was the talk of 5th grade with his stylish, self-heating lunchbox and the easy hot lunches I can make for him. There’s no need to preheat or cook dishes in the morning. This unit is a 2 hour oven, if you need that much heat.

  • Matthew D Newsome

    I didn’t like the fact that there is no warranty on some of the parts.
    My zipper broke after the first few months. I was told that I have to purchase another pouch for $19.99
    I also think you should place emphasis on charging & re-charging the battery when not in use for more than a couple of weeks .

  • Kim Miller

    I use mine all the time so i can have a hot lunch at work, without have to wait for a microwave in the lunch room. I like that I can set the temperature of the food so that it suits me. the containers are the perfect size

  • Adriana Arevalo

    I love everything about it but wish the warranty was extended more and they weren’t so fragile. But overall works great

  • Ashlee Reeves (verified owner)

    Got one for my husband who is an industrial electrician and he loves it. He doesn’t always have access to a microwave and this allows him to heat his food easily, so he can save money by bringing his own and eat a little healthier than if he was grabbing takeout everyday.

  • Paul Gonzalez (verified owner)

    It’s just perfect heats up my food just how I like it

  • Graciela Santacruz

    My man loves it! Although wish there were bigger dishes! When my man eats he EATS lol.

  • Jasmin Calderon (verified owner)

    Recommending to all mothers I know! It is so easy for kids to just open their lunchbox and their food is ready! I set the time to his lunch hour and once he opens it it’s good to go. He loves it! Parents should know more about LunchEAZE!

  • margarita hernandez (verified owner)

    amazing we also bought many other containers to be able to meal prep

  • Lester Castillo

    Love it! Don’t need to depend on my car battery! Great product!!

  • Joceline Barranco (verified owner)

    I haven’t gotten one myself but I did get one for my boyfriend.

  • Joshua Fuerst

    This product is great! I’ve seen other similar products on the market but nothing compares to this one. The rechargeable lithium battery sets this product higher than the rest. It’s made sturdy and does the job incredibly well. My lunch is always made nice and hot and I don’t have to worry about plugging it in anywhere for it to get the job done. 5 out of 5 stars!

  • Pakawadee Khovidhunkit

    Already have one. It’s great.

  • Kaysie Shadeck (verified owner)

    My husband loves it

  • cesar nevarez (verified owner)

    Recommend 10/10, I am usually on the go going from job site to job site. This lunch box saves me so much time and money from stopping at a fast food place to grab lunch. It warms up my food food when i want it and at the temperature i want it. Its a great buy and a nice investment.

  • CLIVE ESPUET (verified owner)

    I don’t use microwaves so this is perfect for me at work.

  • Walter Lopez (verified owner)

    Muy buen invento de precio un poco elevado para el uso que después de un año no trabaja lo mismo aún con baterí­a nueva.

  • Francesca Reyes (verified owner)

    LunchEAZE has helped my man enjoy his meal hot and ready. For truck drivers, there is no time or place to stop and warm up your food. Having LunchEAZE, it has been a breeze! The only thing i wish is to maybe have a bigger tubberware size because my man can eat but overall best purchase for work!

  • Devon Curley

    Its a good product for leftovers. Only issue I had was battery did not last long but company sent me a replacement. It would be helpful if there was a indicator for fully charged battery.

  • Lynn Grunkemeyer

    Works great for my boyfriend who is a police officer. I make him meals ahead of time and he uses it to heat up in his car. Thanks!

  • Jose Hughes-Mendoza

    I just wish there was an auto on button. My kid take his to school and at times if he forgets to turn it on, he ends up with a cold lunch. There should be a feature that will autopsies on without someone having to hit the power button.

  • Marielle Bellini (verified owner)

    This is the best! My boyfriend uses it everyday. Has a hot lunch every day in a place he normally can’t

  • Miltzi Hernandez (verified owner)

    The app and Bluetooth don’t work on new androids.

  • Jeannie Illerbrun (verified owner)

    Saw several videos online with luncheaze system. My husband always has to take cold foods due to people fighting over microwave. Bought him one for Christmas and he loves it. Best purchase and worth every cent

  • Rubi Rangel (verified owner)

    Great product definitely recommend it’s well worth the money

  • Brittany Gillespie (verified owner)

    Does really well in heating up food, only 2 concerns is battery life and it seems to struggle with certain foods. Otherwise it is a very good product and I’m happy with mine

  • Cheyenne Upton

    100% recommend

  • Ardelle Merton (verified owner)

    Love it! Recommended it to everyone who asked and game-changer in my routine

  • Herman Chan (verified owner)

    it was great when I first used it. but after a few months of use. I would give it a 2-3/5. There have been some issues with the quality. The interior lining has already ripped. The lid for the container doesn’t close tightly. Did not think I needed to charge it every night. The black latches that hold the container kind of gets in the way when trying to eat.

    Other than that it works great. Saves me $$ from dining out which paid for itself.

  • Christopher Argueta

    Love it so much!

  • Maria Roberts (verified owner)

    It was a gift for my son and he loves it

  • Destiny Zepeda (verified owner)

    Honestly , worth the money 100%. My husband works at different construction sites almost every week and they don’t always have access to a microwave. With the cost of eating out everyday and the hassle of leaving the job site to go get food this thing has saved us money and made him so much happier. I charge it at night for him and he just grabs and goes, by the time lunch rolls around he opens and fresh hot food again!

  • Marjorie Osuna (verified owner)

    My kids hate school food, and I hated thinking every morning: what can send them that doesn’t have to heated (they’re sick of sandwiches & roll ups). My oldest told me he wanted to start taking leftovers to school for lunch, so I started looking for something that would keep the food warm until lunch time and ran across this product, it is pricey so I ordered one to try it and it was a hit!. Ordering 2 more for my other 2 kids, my husband requested I order him one as well. I don’t see the point of the Bluetooth & the app because you set this up directly on the screen, I do like the lcd screen on the original box vs the lite.
    I read reviews saying the top compartment gets warm as well, but I placed an ice pack in the pocket and it keeps fruits, yogurt & drinks cold the whole morning.
    I’m happy with my purchase, yes again it’s pricey but if they last for a long time I’m ok with it, we’ll see.

  • Kenneth Schmitt

    Love my luncheaze! Always hot lunch, best thing I could have done for lunches.

  • Lesley Preissner (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Website was quick and easy.

  • Michelle Cox (verified owner)

    The LunchEAZE is amazing. It heats the food perfectly and I can just set the time and it is ready at lunch time. The size is perfect for portion sizes. Now I can eat better and feel better at work.

  • Carlos Prado (verified owner)

    I do and will continue to recommend to everyone!

  • Michael Tangonan


  • Shawna Huddleston

    We love LunchEAZE! It’s perfect for school and for lake and camping days outdoors! It Warms my daughter’s food perfectly. I set it for her lunch time and know she is going to have a hot meal at her lunch time. She also takes it to the lake with her and has hot meals when hiking, boating, and enjoying the great outdoors! We love LunchEAZE!

  • Jacki Ferrara

    Amazing! it’s great to be able to prep my husbands’ lunches each week and use the containers to store or even freeze his lunch at the start. then he just pulls one out of the freezer or fridge and takes the LunchEAZE to work – it starts automatically heating up at his set time and by the time he breaks for lunch its nice and hot! He loves it especially in the winter where it’s cold and he just wants something hot to warm him up (he works outside all year long). Amazing product and would buy again. All the accessories also make it really easy to keep him organized and not have lost cutlery from our kitchen.

  • Kaysie Shadeck (verified owner)

    My husband really loves his Luncheaze and can keep his food warm

  • Jose S

    It’s great!

  • Eric Raygo (verified owner)

    Have one, LOVE IT. I drive for UPS and in our area I dont have many options for lunch unless I pack a cold sandwich daily. This is perfect because whatever my wife and I have for dinner we can pack and I can enjoy the next day.

  • Jodi Lindenfelser

    One of a kind lunch box, I researched for months trying to find something comparable. I have had this for 6months now and have had nothing but good experiences.

  • Rajaee Butler

    This has been one of the best purchases i have made this year. This item pays for itself the first month alone i would recommend this product to anyone who packs there lunch for work or limited lunch break. I had started a new job where i did not have time to run out for lunch so i needed a solution where i could bring leftovers from dinner in for lunch with a little research i saw your product had great reviews. Although expensive it has paid for itself several times over with the money saved. My daughter even takes it on her school field trips.

  • Natalie Desrochers (verified owner)

    It works great. Getting the cover off at end of day is hard, tricky as the suction is so strong. Otherwise great!

  • Hunter Bass

    My new Luncheaze is great and it heats up my food perfectly. Now I can have a variety of foods for lunch instead of the standard deli cold cut sandwiches, which get old fast. The guys on my crew are really impressed by my Luncheaze as well. I’m also saving more money now by bringing my lunch.

  • ELIZABETH ROUSE (verified owner)

    I am a bus driver and am never near a microwave. This lunch box is the best! I can have a hot lunch when i am in the middle of nowhere!

  • Christian Ruggles (verified owner)

    Love having hot meals at work for lunch now instead of cold meals all the time!

  • Tiffany Hubbard (verified owner)

    Love it. Having hot lunches are so much better than cold sandwiches everyday

  • Maricruz Rosales (verified owner)

    My husband loves his warm homemade food because of it

  • Jordan Speth (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Makes eating healthier lunches so much easier. Worth every penny!

  • Debbie Finn (verified owner)

    It is working great! Heat’s up perfect, and I can fit for breakfast burritos in it to go fishing!

  • Joanna Palacios

    I bought LunchEAZE as a gift for my boyfriend who is a truck driver. He loves that he can alternate cold and hot lunch every day. It really is a great item and I would recommend LunchEAZE to everyone.

  • Marina Cardona (verified owner)

    I make lunch every night and pack it each morning for my boyfriend who is an electrician. This product is perfect for heating up his lunches on the job sight. I only wish you didn’t have to buy every accessory separate because it is expensive for people our age (25).

  • Miranda Noriega

    It is awesome! My husband is a happy man. He was tired of sandwiches. The site he is at they don’t have microwave access. This is heaven sent.

  • Bryan Cisneros

    Good product just a little pricy

  • Lourdes Pelayo

    My husband loves it from first day used. So easy to set and forget. Food containers are big enough for a good meal size. Love that containers are washable and no need to continuously purchase them. No spills. Heats very well. Easy to used. Would love if the lunch bag had more space on the side sleeves for water bottles but overall we are completely satisfied with LunchEAZE. Extremely helpful and convenient for field workers that sadly don’t have the luxury of having or eating in a break room.

  • Yanin Lara (verified owner)

    My husband loves it. I’m glad he is able to enjoy a nice hot meal.

  • Crystal White

    It’s great! Easy to clean, works perfectly everytime and lightweight as well!

  • Geofrey Pascua (verified owner)

    Luncheaze u killed it! Now i get to enjoy hot meals on the go and saves me money from going to drive thrus everyday

  • Esmeralda Chavez (verified owner)

    We love our original luncheaze!! My husband gets to eat warm lunch from home daily for the fraction of the cost, compared to buying lunch from food vendors.

  • Jen Wehrheim (verified owner)

    This makes leftovers so easy to re heat! It’s also great to have a warm breakfast.

  • TERESA PUENTE (verified owner)

    Love it!

  • Hali Evans

    Fantastic product would buy again, sad part it the battery or charger has stopped working again. But I love the product nonetheless.

  • Savante Jones

    Wonderful product, bad part is the battery and charger died again

  • Lissette Ibarra (verified owner)

    It warms up my husbands food. No more sándwiches for lunch! He can now have a variety of food with with LunchEaze! He works in construction and this was the perfect Christmas gift for him!

  • Lamecia Ellis

    It works great.

  • Jazlyn Florez (verified owner)

    My husband’s lunch is always piping hot, & ready to eat.. super convenient, u don’t have to plug in to car, just charge it the n8ght before and ur ready to go..

  • Lavencia Redhouse (verified owner)

    Absolutely love, it’s super convenient! The ability to have a hot meal waiting for my hardworking partner is the best.

  • Mercy Akintunde (verified owner)

    I am happy i purchased LUNCHEAZE Original.
    I now eat personalised healthy hot home-made meal within my 30min work break. Having the feeling of home at work…

  • Francisco Carranza (verified owner)

    It works great

  • Ana Ramirez

    Works great hesitant on price at first

  • Ernest Coleman III

    Amazing product

  • Bailey Martin (verified owner)

    The LunchEAZE is a life changer. Got it for my husband for his birthday after he always complained about not being able to bring leftovers or anything that needed to be warmed up to enjoy for lunch because he’s an electrician and doesn’t have access to any microwave or anything like that. The LunchEAZE works flawlessly and it’s incredible at heating up food with limited time on break and evenly distributing heat. Better than a microwave, and the carrier is so nice. I’ll only buy from LunchEAZE!

  • Kristlyn Johnson

    Absolute game changer! My boyfriend farms and this is a perfect way where he can have hot meals daily!

  • keila Aguilar (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband because he was tired of sandwiches, now he is soo happy and enjoys his hot food every day.

  • Lee McCready

    Really good product but would recommend getting a few extra bowls with lids.

  • Elisa Martinez (verified owner)

    Love this for my dad and all of his employees are getting one too. Ease of mind that he is still getting home cooked meals at work without a microwave.

  • Tessa Gaines

    We love it! It does a great job making lunch more interesting than sandwiches and is so easy to use!

  • Arturo Chapa (verified owner)

    Tengo más de un año, de estar usándola y me siento muy satisfecho con el producto, es genial, por eso la recomiendo con mis compañeros de trabajo y mis familiares.

  • Maria Rodriguez

    It’s the best I ever had I really recommend it

  • Eberardo Banuelos

    I don’t live without it. It’s with me at my job sites. On the road and at the gym as well. Helps with my meal prep. Definitely a live safer.

  • Ruben Duarte

    Mt lunch is perfectly warm at my lunchtime and is so easy to use.

  • Nancy Rosas

    Super padre, fácil de transportar y buena calidad.

  • Ana Garcia

    Food hot and ready when need it

  • Maribel Gonzales

    My husband works 15 hour days luncheaze allows me to pack him warm home cooked meals that he can eat twice a day every day we just love it don’t know what I did before it.

  • Heather Dibaczy (verified owner)

    Great quality and he loves that he can have a hot lunch working outside

  • Jerry Arthur

    Awesome lunch warmer

  • Andrew Rilea (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoy my Luncheaze. It’s super easy to use and I definitely enjoy eating warm food over the old fashioned soggy cold food I was getting. Definitely a solid investment that pays for itself very quickly. Only thing I would recommend to Luncheaze is that the spend a little bit more time developing the app, it’s kind of buggy but still works.

  • Peter Pisello

    It by far is better than any other “heated lunchbox” Food is hot and ready when I need it to be. No need to sit around waiting for your turn to sharing the microwave or settle for eating cold food.

  • Melissa Henault (verified owner)

    Great product! There is nothing like hot food when you work outside in Connecticut!

  • Paul Davidge

    Absolutely fantastic little gadget!I’m not a lover of sandwiches, my son and I are truly over the moon with luncheaze! We have many envious work colleagues! I’ve passed on your details to world it seems! I can’t thank you enough for this ingenious device and the first class service!

  • Pat Whiteaker

    Works great for my son. He takes it everyday to the job site.

  • Thomas Graffam

    I seen this over a year ago and didn’t want to spend the money. Definitely regret that now. It has already paid for its self over and over. The quality of the unit its self is extremely high. But the way it cooks and warms up the food is unbelievable. There are meals that leftovers taste better coming out of it. Absolutely NO regrets in this except I didn’t buy one the second I found it.

  • Danyella Hall (verified owner)

    My husband enjoys it very much.

  • Jessica Morgan (verified owner)

    Its great.

  • Joe Bechtel

    The best lunch box I have ever had. Works perfect for a hot meal when you have no power around to heat anything.

  • Rémi Harrisson


  • Ruby Tristan

    Great product! My boyfriend now can have warm meals while at work

  • Angela Rose (verified owner)

    My husband loves it. And can eat a warm lunch now!

  • Daniel O’Connor

    Great product use it a minimum 4x a week, it’s compact and gets the job done. I’ve had some problems with the battery but who doesn’t with electric devices the warranty service repaired my product and here I am still with eazy lunches

  • Wendy Arteaga (verified owner)

    We love it. We have had it for a little past a year however soups don’t heat up as fast as they used to and sometimes my husband has to eat a warm soup rather than a hot one.

  • James Zade

    If you like to enjoy your full break with a home cooked hot steaming meal that didn’t require you opening your wallet and then driving or even tipping this is for you!!!

  • Kyle Crocker

    It’s great. I can get a hot meal without leaving the job site.

  • Martha Gastélum

    I like to much

  • Rafael Martinez (verified owner)

    Very expensive, not enough space and battery doesn’t last long. Aside from that, it works like it’s supposed to.

  • Alexis Villanueva

    Overall amazing

  • carla Velasco (verified owner)

    It’s awesome,makes making lunch easy,my husband love it! Thank you

  • christine Araujo (verified owner)

    My husband loves it. It is so easy to use and heats up the food perfectly.

  • Natalia Ramirez

    Other than the battery not charging a couple times it has been great! Absolutely love it

  • Sandra Avalos (verified owner)

    Best purchase ever!

  • Jorge Villagrana (verified owner)

    Worth every penny !

  • Geovanni Salas

    Make lunch way easier and more relaxing leaves more time for a nap

  • Ana Romero (verified owner)

    Great products works great

  • Larry Marye (verified owner)

    Best money I have ever spent love it

  • Ashley Mendoza (verified owner)

    GET THIS LUNCH CONTAINER ASAP !! It’s amazing and you won’t be disappointed

  • krystal Mathis (verified owner)

    Just amazing my hubby can have hot meals ready for him

  • Michael Howard

    Works great. I suffer from celiac disease. This device helps ensure I have a warm healthy lunch available on job sites.

  • Edgar Vallejo

    It’s good but too expensive for what it is

  • Michael Bilili

    Luncheaze works great heats food up nice an slow and leftovers are just like when they were first made!

  • Christopher Darville (verified owner)

    It’s the best lunchbox I have ever had whenever I go to eat lunch it’s hot not just warm but perfect temperature I recommend this to everyone I talk to

  • Balquiris Abreu

    Excellent, perfect I love it

  • Joseph Lopez

    Best lunch box for work! Its big enough to store a nice lunch without taking up a ton of room in the truck. It’s rechargeable and heats my lunch up for me so theres no hassle. With this device im able to enjoy a hot lunch everyday and no longer have to buy lunches or eat cold subs! My lunches are steaming hot everyday!

  • Jasmine Shiflett

    My husband loves it. I love that it has a timer and his lunch is nice and warm when its time to est. nothing better than this!

  • Justin Rossetti

    Great device. It’s basically a battery powered slow cooker. It loses one star due to design limitations which won’t really be relevant for most people: once a start time is set, the only way to unset it is a reset. This makes it difficult to use for those with variable meal times who want to also use bluetooth control. In every other regard, this is a fantastic lunch heater! I’ve even packed it full of frozen lynn wilson burritos and it performed flawlessly. Buy extra containers for more efficient mealplanning.

    My only wish would be a battery pack design similar to power tools, where one doesn’t need to unscrew a panel to swap out a pack.

  • Yuliana Naranjo (verified owner)

    I think is gonna be a 5 start my husband always wanted one and I hope it helps him while he drivers and eats lunch a warm lunch .

  • Louis Solis


  • Ismenia Valdez (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love with the Luncheaze! My husband and I both love it because he gets hot food for lunch and I’m not having to wake up at 3am to make him hot food and try to keep it as hot as possible without the Luncheaze.

  • jasmine williams (verified owner)

    this was a great lunchbox, no issues or problems came up. Have proven itself a great investment.

  • Uriel Armenta (verified owner)

    Still figuring it out so far everything that I brought up was answered by the customer care

  • Christina Thompson

    Works great! Great product for my husband since he’s always on the road for work.

  • Lucy Medina

    Great product for people on the go, I got it for my husband and he appreciates not having to eat cold or room temp. food at job sites.

  • Luis Lopez

    Im very satisfied with my luncheaze. Every time I get to lunch, I get to enjoy a hot meal. I really like the option of selecting the heat level of my meals. Another nice feature is the timed cook. I have nothing but great things to say about my luncheaze !

  • Cesar Galicia

    The Bluetooth function is great.

  • Julio Garcia

    Verygood very happy until battery doesn’t charge anymore

  • Stephanie Sanchez (verified owner)

    Great product, just wish it could fit more.

  • Justin Couto

    10/10 perfect for people on the go, save so much money from ordering breakfast at work, would recommend to anyone working outside

  • Kevin Peisley

    It’s dependable!

  • Brian Pelletier

    As a person who has eaten cold lunches for the last 15 years on the road. This has change my lunch experiences for the best and makes the cold days easier to work in knowing I’ll be having a hot lunch.

  • Liliana Astudillo (verified owner)

    Convenient and efficient. Cocks medicine rare meat to well done on the highest temperature

  • Lilian Dinh (verified owner)

    Works well, lasts long, but only given one lunch container, it does not work with any other lunch box.

  • Eric Uminga

    Product is a life saver for hot and healthy meals. It’s very useful especially if you work outside and access to a microwave is non-existent.

  • Abigail Blanche (verified owner)

    He loves it so much. He can now take food from dinner at anything else he would like that can be warmed up!

  • Nichole Webb (verified owner)

    Works amazingly. Put in frozen food and it was perfect when it was time to eat

  • Linda Marroquin (verified owner)


  • David Kingsbury

    Great product works really good.

  • Fay Risch (verified owner)

    Simply the best way to get a hot meal without carrying a ton of stuff when your adventuring or working in a remote location

  • Yolanda Lopez

    I bought it as a gift for my husband, he works for a company that does street maintenance like asphalt and repairs, he is always out in the field. He loved it and it has been amazing for him to take to work. A few of his coworkers have bought it after seeing his.

  • Mario lopez

    Warms food 😋 really good

  • Eric Witt

    Giving this review a little earlier than i want too. Im still in the 30 day return window but i think so far im going to keep. Ill start off saying the reason for 4 star and not 5 is the price. I know some things are expensive to make but its just a big investment up front for something like this which is nice to have the 30 day guarantee or money back so if you do plan to buy keep it clean and take care of it just incase. I used a plug in mini croc pot for the past year and i promise you I was the only van on the site that had fogged windows at lunch because of the hot food , so my expectations were high purchasing this. It was a pain using it because I needed an outlet and some job sites its a nightmare and guys will unplug your lunch for their tools which is fine but a cold lunch sucks. I had this luncheaze for 2 weeks. I bought the cheaper one because i read the bluetooth is janky on the better one ( screen looks nice though). Just want to start off saying there are trade offs to not having it plugged in compared to batteries but this thing makes up for it. Food really needs to be chopped up like the proteins and thicker foods you put in there. AND YOU DEFINITELY NEED THE INSULATED BAG(if you plan on leaving the luncheaze in the car to heat during the winter) the bag is kind of a pain not much room in there for other things but if you can manage a nice warm lunch is worth it. Im skeptical about the lid that holds the food container in the heater feels cheesy as hell and i know it’s important to hold the container tight to the heating element so you should be super careful with that part. Again just 2 weeks in and i think im going to keep it. Alot of co workers and others i work with are super interested but as soon as i tell them the price i lose them there so if you can stretch the $ for it go for it and keep it clean just incase it doesn’t work for you , you can send it back. Im still working on figuring out best temperature for certain foods still but so far i can say its a learning process but this product is doing its job and im hoping for atleast a couple of years of service.

  • Sean Leahy

    I’m going to purchase another one when I wear this one out.
    Love my Luncheaze

  • Brenda Mejia

    Its great !

  • Laura Robles-Duarte (verified owner)

    My husband loves it! He enjoys having warm meals again, He was so sick of having salads, sandwiches and other cold meals.

  • Tiffany Freeman (verified owner)

    My husband loves his LunchEAZE, he says it is so convenient and works so well! He starts it some time in the morning and then its ready by lunch!

  • Cole Doak (verified owner)

    Does everything I ask of it, keeps my food warm and charges fairly quick

  • Daniel Romero

    Works like a charm. My battery unfortunately died so I had to get a replacement. But still a great product

  • Dulce Orozco (verified owner)

    Battery lasts!! My husbands food stays warm at the time he has it set nothing like this on the market!

  • Jim Bieker

    Would be great.

  • Abel Corral (verified owner)

    Use it 5 times a week 2x a day during my day. I do home health physical therapy and it allows me to have 2 healthy hot meals on 1 charge. Highly recommend

  • Joel Rich

    Worked like a charm until it was stolen, will be purchasing another soon.

  • Victoria Monarrez


  • Jesse Williams

    Best lunch box ever

  • Ashley Gatchell-Diaz

    I’m a field technician so we don’t have a break room in our vans. Having the LunchEaze lunch box is totally game changing for someone like me. Before I would eat fast food a couple times a week just because I wanted a hot meal. Amazing product. Super great idea.

  • Letty Gomez

    Love it, i use it everyday

  • Maria Medina

    I love the convince plus rechargeable feature of LunchEAZE , it’s really helped my truck driver husband actually eat a meal through out his busy day . The TikTok users posting recipes are my favorite so many awesome ideas . It’s better then a microwave

  • Victor Morales (verified owner)

    I love it

  • Marlena Jackson

    This is the best lunch box ever. My daughter never has to eat cold food. It is definitely worth $200.

  • Brong Lor

    Love it

  • Joel Ibarry (verified owner)

    The best thing I have ever bought, it works perfect and I recommend it

  • Chris Antoine (verified owner)

    I like it

  • Artemio Sanchez

    I love this lunch box. I charge it up and night and put my meal in it in the morning. I set the time I’m estimating I’ll be able to eat and it’s good and hot.

  • Chris Longo

    This is a must have for people who work outside. A friend and I were at work and discussing how hungry we were and we started to discuss what we had to eat and he had the luncheaze and was saying he was warming up his meal as we were speaking. I was complaining that I had another sandwich and I didn’t want to have that anymore. So he gave me the name of the product, luncheaze and I ordered one with five trays so I can meal prep. I love it because I don’t have to spend money on lunch anymore because I can eat my leftovers from the night before. I’m very happy!

    It is an absolute game changer. No more spending money just heat up whatever you have in the fridge or meal prep and have a hot meal every day at work.

  • Christine Gautier (verified owner)

    Works well, wish the container was a little bigger.

  • Susan Andree

    So easy to use and it’s ready when I want it to be. Everything is very compact and it makes traveling with it so easy.

  • Mario Chavez (verified owner)

    Best lunch box there is. Heats up my food every time just how I want it and I recommend it to everyone I know in the trades

  • Anna Espinoza (verified owner)

    love it! Great for school lunches

  • Alice Arroyo

    He loves it.

  • Richard Cline

    Great product

  • Christopher Ritter (verified owner)

    It works great!!

  • John Taylor

    Dont own one

  • Richard Davitto (verified owner)

    3 star. It needs to hold more volume and battery doesn’t last long enough. Otherwise great.

  • Evelyn Sanders (verified owner)

    Works great, as intended.

  • Rosa Partida (verified owner)

    Love it

  • Jessica Weinberg

    Honestly this product has really been a game changer. No longer having to eat junk while on the road. Fresh, hot, healthy meals on the go. Can’t get better than that. Also, containers are holding up well and easy to clean.

  • Victoria Garcia

    Works well. I Love it

  • Cassandra Caswell

    It’s perfect for my partner and I! He works on multiple different job sites that don’t always have a microwave. I love it for my job as well. My food is always hot and ready when I need it. I wish the app looked more modern but it doesn’t hinder the product at all.

  • JOHN WEST (verified owner)

    A very awesome lunch or dinner heat up on the go. I take my break at 10pm and just before I start work at 6pm I set the time which is 8pm and food is hot and ready, with plenty of battery if I wanted to warm more up for second break at 2am. i love this on the go warmer.

  • Nick Heady

    Works great so far time will tell

  • Michael A Quinn (verified owner)

    Works great at heating my food. Just remember to turn it on each day.

  • Scott Lee

    I love my luncheaze use it every day since I have it need eat a cold lunch again!!!Great product!!

  • Guadalupe Lopez (verified owner)

    I bought this for my bf for Valentine’s Day and he loved it used it for the oil fields and just for long trips too, he loved the color it was a gray color and how small and convenient it was to carry around. Uses it all the time and was the perfect gift for him for Valentine’s Day.

  • Yazmin Castaneda (verified owner)

    I love the luncheaze however the lunch bag itself could be better. On my fourth day using it the lunch bag itself on the inside it ripped!!!

  • Perla Perez

    My husband no longer has to eat cold lunches or heat them up on engine block.

  • Lori Chavez (verified owner)

    LunchEAZE works super well! My husband has had it since October and there are absolutely no problems with it. We haven’t even had to replace the battery yet. He’s able to get warm, hot meals each workday!

  • Elizabeth Portillo

    Great for warming up food and having it ready for lunch!

  • Rey Guzman (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  • Adrian Chavez (verified owner)

    Luncheaze has changed my lunch meals forever. I dont have to eat cold sandwiches anymore

  • Adilene Taboada (verified owner)

    It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made for my boyfriend. His food stays warm while he is on the road as a truck driver it can be difficult to find places to warm up his food. He loves it.

  • Stacey Bowman

    Love it. Keeps food warm for lunch. Nice to have hot meal during Indiana winters

  • Jose Martinez (verified owner)

    Amazing product, heats up my food when out on the track

  • Romeo Montoya (verified owner)

    El producto en general cumple con el objetivo, el cual consiste en mantener la comida caliente a tiempo, me parece que la opción de elegir a la hora que se entenderá es lo mejor, ya que cuando se dispone a comer, la comida está realmente caliente, esto ahorra tiempo.

  • Hector Romero

    I recommend to anyone that want hot lunch on the go anywhere anytime

  • Jessica Mosqueda (verified owner)

    Love it so far!!

  • Fatima Shaikh

    Great and portable product

  • Wanda Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I bought this as a gift for my husband since he works in Lake Tahoe during the cold freezing months. Nothing beats a warm meal that heats up perfectly to your lunch time!

  • Timothy Young

    It’s made eating lunch enjoyable. I don’t have access to a microwave with my job. It’s convenient and easy to use. I love luncheaze and don’t see myself using any other product. Made my life a lot easier now that I can enjoy my cooked meals and not be tempted to eating out. 5 out of 5 for me

  • Kekainani Kepa

    My dad said it’s very helpful to him at work and loves it

  • Patricia Gonzalez Ruiz

    Best thing I’ve gotten from watching tic tok

  • Lori Eveigan-Latil (verified owner)

    Love it!! Great to be able to bring my own lunch and save money.

  • Lee Rocklage (verified owner)

    Worka really well, and the food is at the perfect temperature.

  • Clyde Dewey (verified owner)

    Paid for it self in 2 weeks

  • Yvonca Charette

    Like the portability

  • Ben Obecny

    Awesome! Great to have hot lunch with minimal effort!

  • Lindsey Salazar

    worked perfect for us for 2 years now

  • Jose Coronilla (verified owner)

    I’d have to give it 5/5 only because it has met all of my expectations and some! I am now able to eat a real meal while on break from my 12 hours shifts. What’s more?? The food is hot when I’m ready to sit down and eat! This is also a plus for someone like myself who needs to hit daily macro goals and doesn’t want to do so with fast food/ whatever work has available. Do yourselves a favor and invest in this Joybox! You will not regret it!

  • Cory Maas

    Great product! Got it as a gift at the start of the year its been really nice to have a warm lunch when you work somewhere where the power isn’t hooked up yet. Haven’t gone out to eat this whole year, This has payed for itself easy!!!

  • Dameon Delgado

    Best thing ever for a mailman in PA, cold and hot weather and very reliable so when it comes to short options to a microwave.

  • Cristian Berrios (verified owner)

    I love my LunchEAZE!

  • Juan Carlos Paulino (verified owner)

    Love it! Only issue is battery life

  • Eduardo Fuerte (verified owner)

    LunchEAZE is an amazing product! As a truck driver time is money. Stopping for food anywhere is time consuming. So I prep all my meals and use the LunchEAZE when ever I want a warm meal. I can pre set the time so I won’t have to stop and start heating up my food. Thank you LunchEAZE for this amazing product!!

  • Colleen Pinter (verified owner)

    Love it!!

  • VAN Short (verified owner)

    great product. We have purchased 3 so far for our drivers.

  • Rendow Anderson

    Was hesitant with the price, turned out to be the best investment I’ve made in years.

  • Jeannine Jones (verified owner)

    Love this, performs above and beyond

  • Rafael Javalera (verified owner)

    Amazing heating device and insulated lunch box, I wish it had more colors and designs of insulated bags but other than that it’s amazing. I’ve had mine for about a year and I use it every single day for work 6 times a week.

  • Jasen Yeager (verified owner)

    It works great I recommend to all my family , friends and coworkers.

  • Shemaiah Winters (verified owner)

    Perfect for my picky eater Godson. He only eats hot lunch since he was younger. Now that he’s 7, he needed something for school. This turned out to be perfect!

  • Brenda Alger (verified owner)

    Perfect. Heats lunch in timely fashion and keeps it warm.

  • Wil Talley

    It’s the best thing I’ve ever purchased. It’s nice having a hot lunch.

  • Marlene Alfaro

    Awesome product and very convenient for a busy wife and mom

  • Kenia Olvera

    My husband loves it. It warms his food on his time. He is CDL Driver

  • Matt Canada

    Amazing product- innovative and totally worth the price.

  • Angie Thomas (verified owner)

    LunchEAZE is a great product! My husband loves it and uses it for work everyday. We even took it on a road trip across the country and heated up some burritos I had prepared for us, easy to use and easy to clean. 100% recommend to anyone, my friends love theirs too!

  • Gerry Keenan

    All I can say is that my daughter loves hers…often, when the weather is miserable she laughs about how she stayed in her vehicle enjoying the scenery and eating a hot lunch…or that she anticipated a good hot lunch when she got back indoors. As an aside she’s learned how to time raw vegetables so the are perfectly cooked (al dente) when meal time rolls around.

  • Jeremy Weifenbach

    This thing is amazing! EAZE to use! I prefer leftovers out of this thing! Don’t wait, buy one now!

  • Robert Grandstaff (verified owner)

    Everything works fantastic but the upgraded bag did rip on me in the second week plus the warranty isn’t worth buying

  • Robert Grandstaff (verified owner)

    Everything works fantastic but the upgraded bag did rip on me in the second week plus the warranty isn’t worth buying

  • Gina Montes (verified owner)

    My husband loves his Luncheaze. It keeps to r food warm without burning it or drying it out. So convenient that it does not need to be plugged in. Would definitely buy again.

  • Paul Horvat (verified owner)

    Good product. Wish it had a batt. countdown meter to see how long it will take to charge.

  • Antonio Martinez (verified owner)

    I Love it!! My food warm up super good and it doesn’t loose any flavor.

  • Tatchiana Justin


  • Kim Mcbee (verified owner)

    Best gift ever. Instead of waiting to put food in microwave, he sets it, and then can just eat! NO TIME WASTED

  • Ashley Rupcke (verified owner)


  • Rebecca Ball

    Love the product! Very convenient and makes eating lunch at work more enjoyable

  • Brenda Gutierrez

    Love it. My boyfriend finally has warm food for lunch! Hard working man needs a good warm meal.

  • Kelly Gardner (verified owner)

    Best purchase for lunch at work no more time wasted in line waiting for Microwaves when lunch is only 30 minutes.

  • BARBARA Vogelman

    Finally a lunch box REAL working men. Who are at different sites everyday. Can have a hot,, healthy lunch. A lifesaver in winter. Wish I found this when he was in Minot, ND. With below zero Temps all winter.

  • Nellie Sharp

    Works great and it is wonderful to have a hot meal or send it with my son when he needs it.

  • Denise Madrid-Castillo

    Awesome product! Definitely worth the money

  • Jose Alvarez

    I don’t have to eat cold food anymore when we don’t have a microwave around. My food is always hot and good!

  • Analy Blanco

    Got this for my dad on Christmas. He works long hours and is always on the go! This was the best gift without a doubt for him!

  • Joe Crespin (verified owner)

    Still getting the hang of it. But I’m enjoying the warm meals so far. Wish the connection from phone was a little better. And wish the bag was bigger. But still loving it.

  • Matthew Wheeler

    Great box for hot meals on The go

  • Gabriella Lewis (verified owner)

    Makes packing my man’s lunch easy, breezy, done.

  • Marissa Gomez (verified owner)

    Love it keeps my husbands food warm and steamy!! No more cold meals

  • Ben Benesh

    I work in the film industry. 90% of the time we have really good catered food available to us. The other 10% of the time our production company pays for the worst cheapest quickest-made food they can find – and each job lasts for 6 months at a time. During one of these 10% jobs, I decided I needed to bring my own food. But I needed something that was battery powered and I could meal prep for days with. I looked and looked and stumbled upon the luncheaze. Now I’ve been using it everyday on multiple jobs because my food is better, healthier and actually what I want to eat – not what someone else planned for me. – also love the carrying bag. I bought the accessory container as well for putting things like nuts or chips. I wish the lid for the accessory container was a bit more sturdy and sealed so I could keep a sauce or something in it.

  • Victoria Hoffman

    Extremely worth the money. Most convenient and reliable no plug needed lunch box on the market.

  • Rosey Bacon

    This was the best investment for my husband’s lunches! He’s a concrete finisher and loves having a hot lunch ready for him on the job.

  • Victoria Sosa

    My husband loves it. He works and landscaping and always eats cold sandwiches. Now he can enjoy his favorite homemade hot food on the go.

  • MARIA TERESA Sanchez

    JUST love it ,my husband does too. To be honest get a lunchEAZE is one of the Best things that I have doneЏ in my life. Cause since then my husband is eating warm lunch in his work [construction area]

  • Juan Gomez Perez (verified owner)

    The greatest hot plate

  • Richard Gutierrez

    Nice to eat hot food when you want it

  • Anthony Mikhail (verified owner)

    Great product, works as described, I just wish it had enough battery for 2 meals

  • Judith Bautista

    Live it

  • Kelvin Jeffords Jr

    Great Stu

  • Maria Mendez

    Love it

  • Andrew Cheung

    Great lunchbox with the convenient of auto heating.

  • Adam Elinesky (verified owner)

    LunchEAZE is great, love having a hot lunch every day. Super useful for individuals like me that don’t have access to an appliance to reheat their lunch.

  • NORMA BELTRAN (verified owner)

    I love it. It’s easy to pack my husband lunch because it doesn’t have to fit in a thermos or be a cold lunch. I can literally pack anything and he will have a delicious hot lunch.

  • Jacob Burnett (verified owner)

    Love it! Always has my food warm and ready for me.

  • Tomas Garcia (verified owner)

    Perfect for when there isn’t any way to heat up your lunch you know with this the food will be piping hot and ready to eat

  • Lisa Trenhaile (verified owner)

    I bought it for my husband. Trying to eat healthier and was tired of having cold sandwiches. Now I can cook him keto lunch and dinner. He uses for both of them. He loves it.

  • Daisy Ortiz (verified owner)

    My husband loves this lunchbox! Good is always warm!

  • Karen Young (verified owner)

    Perfect for job sites and easy-to-use

  • Lucky Deleon (verified owner)

    It works great for my husband he has it heat up and the time he goes to lunch and is enjoying warm home cooked meals again that taste as fresh as when I made it earlier in the day. We would definitely recommend it to everyone we know

  • Sayra Arana Betancourt (verified owner)

    I was sold on this electric lunch box immediately after watching the first promotional video! My husband has been able to enjoy authentic Mexican dishes daily since our purchase. He’s definitely the envy of his work place!

  • Rose Smith

    Makes eating healthy much easier!

  • Felicia Lamberth

    Amazing and gets your food hot. My husband has loved it

  • Corey Moore


  • Jennifer Leslie-Starr

    Purchased at the beginning of 2021 Has worked perfect until the last 2 months the charging and heating are not like they used to be

  • Joseph Berger (verified owner)

    I love having this lunch box. Being in construction, sometimes there’s no power to heat food or anywhere nearby to get warm food while it been cold. I like the fact that I can just set the timer and my food will be nice and warm when I get my lunch break. It’s even still warm if I take my lunch an hour after I had set it to be ready.

  • Lynette Holk

    Good product

  • Pete Regal (verified owner)

    It’s awesome. Use the timer setting frequently. Food is warmed to perfection.

  • Kevin Armstrong

    Awesome box . Just have a trouble gett6the lids to seal and lock on the containers

  • twila joyner (verified owner)

    Love this box! Works as described. Talked so much about it that it helped sell 3 more to friends and family. Keeps food hot on the lowest temp. If I can’t eat at the scheduled time it continues to keep it warm for up to 3 hours so far. The containers fit perfectly in the box. I can take a 2-3 course meal and wrapping bread in aluminum and placing on top of food gives you warm bread as well. I was unhappy with cost but less so as I use it 3-4 times weekly. Great lunch box!

  • Cristobal Santos

    Heard it by my wife then started seeing it on tik tok
    I’m in construction industry and this thing is a game changer
    I would usually spend around 150 dollars a week now 20. Game changer can’t go wrong

  • Jennifer Harvey

    My husband loves it!!!!

  • Michele Alter

    My boyfriend and I bought these for his son’s for Christmas after seeing a co-worker on a job site with one. Now my boyfriend wants one for himself, he’s decided he deserves a warm lunch too. Great product! Can’t wait to get one for myself.

  • Aurea Alvarez

    Works really well and always heats up the food right on time.

  • Rocio Rodríguez

    I love the lunch eaze! It saved my husband a lot of time and money. My coworker me this lunch heater. My husband does not always have access to a microwave and is not inconvenient going to gas station to Heat food up. The lunch ease saved him money and. He loves it!!!

  • Matthew Dayton (verified owner)


  • Michael Lee (verified owner)

    in the Construction Field Men and Women carry larger lunch boxes to accomodate Condiments. and silverware. your Lunch box enclosure is a little too small to carry everything. like salt, Pepper,Ketchup,Mustard , Soy sauce, silverware. Chips Jello, pudding, bottle water, Pop(soda),Gatorade. Fruit. Banana,apple,orange.

    design is on Point, Execution missed the mark. need to be Larger, not a lot just larger. Remember Guys and gals carry enuff to last them all day. from 8 hours to 12-14 hrs per day.

  • Edna Paiz

    I love it

  • Cindy Feng

    Convenient portable lunchbox that heats up on the go. Saves time and don’t need to use a microwave.

  • Jonathan Hall (verified owner)

    Best lunch box to ever have always have a hot meal just like being at home to eat dinner

  • Destiny Arrieta (verified owner)

    Works great for people who don’t have access to electricity!! Food is ready to go by lunch time

  • Tammy Baranoff

    Don’t have one, because of work policy, but almost bought one.

  • Brandy Franklin (verified owner)

    It has been great! Allowing my son to take leftovers to school! Or meal prepping!!

  • Ashley Marlow

    My husband has been pleased with the food staying warm or warming up in it. The battery was an issue in the original one we got so we called customer service and they were really great on troubleshooting and replacing the original battery. We are really pleased with the performance of LunchEaze. Customer service is swell when needing assistance.

  • Brooke Biemesderfer (verified owner)

    The luncheaze is amazing! Very user friendly and I am so happy to be able to provide my husband with a home cooked hot meal while he’s out and about at different job sites.
    My only complaint is the lids on the containers. I have 2 containers, one lid latches and seals and the other one doesn’t quite click and latch tight.

  • Cesar Figueroa (verified owner)

    Great product love it would buy another

  • Danielle Manzanares


  • Hanna Belle Price

    Perfect for my boyfriend who’s a coal miner and works underground with no access to a microwave or an outlet to plug in other portable hot lunch boxes.

  • Austin Harvey

    I’ve had it for a couple years now. Battery is going out though but I plan on getting a new one also because the bag lunch pale is falling apart too. But other then that everything is great

  • Justin Hendley

    No more cold food for lunch

  • Ryan Anton (verified owner)

    Love it!!!

  • William Benbow

    I take a hot lunch daily. I love it

  • Valente Avila-Vega

    After using it for a few months I stopped using it for a bit and when I started to use it again, the battery wouldn’t stay charged. It only worked if I had it plugged in to a power source. I ended up ordering a new battery and it works fine now.

  • Zeyda Menjivar (verified owner)

    My husband have one (lite)
    My mom have one (original)
    Mi brother in law have one (original)
    My father have one (original)

  • Matt pace

    Good product

  • Rachelle Alvarez

    My 13 year old Son has had severe food allergies all his life. It has been a challenge to give him a decent lunch every school day. We found ourselves cooking a fresh protein and trying to squeeze it into one of the small thermoses every time. It might have been ok that he could make do when he was younger but as a growing young man, he needed more subsidence and variety. Who doesn’t appreciate variety?
    My Husband showed me the ad and then I obsessed over the research and reviews. It’s not cheap. Comparing what we spent with our older child on school lunches it is more cost efficient for luncheaze. So yes, it’s more than you would want to pay for a lunch box but it is so much more than a lunch box. It’s freedom. Freedom from the worry if your child is getting enough to eat? Freedom from the constant worry will this fit? Will it be warm? Is the food temperature safe?
    I bought 5 trays for meal prep. It helps our morning go so much smoother. We plan out what he is going to eat for the week. Pack three of them right off the bat and he is able to choice what he would like to eat for the day. We load it in. It’s already set for the time (it keeps a memory) turn it on and done.
    He can have chicken and rice, ribs with corn on the cob, ramen noodles with steak, burgers, pork chops and roasted potatoes. Seriously, anything.
    With in the first week his friends were asking why do you always have the cool lunches. Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes. Parents of kids with dietary restrictions get it. Any parent would get it. We just want what’s best for them.
    We are excited to take it this summer on our road trips. No more scrambling for places that he could eat at. Thank you Luncheaze for our families freedom, joy and excitement. I wish we would have found you sooner. If anyone is curious about it, you should be. It will change your life.

  • Andrew Melancon

    Love having warm lunches at lunch, but I do wish the lunch bag was easier to go into and charge

  • Erika P (verified owner)

    As a Speech Pathologist providing services in patient homes, I just had to try this. I was excited and LunchEAZE exceeded my expectations. No more random and expensive restaurants or fattening fast food restaurants. This has allowed me to achieve fitness and health goals. With that comes much more energy from homemade meals. Amazing!

  • Nicholas Barnett (verified owner)

    It heats well but the battery is useless.

  • Mike Garcia (verified owner)

    Perfect can’t complain

  • Jessa Best

    We love it. Honestly beat thing for our house. For work, and for snowboarding! Not to have to pay for so much more at places like that & getting to have a better meal it’s a must have in our home. Used every day all year around.

  • Jo Seline Ramos (verified owner)

    Got it as a gift for my husband who works out in the field so he never gets a hot meal. Im happy to say he now eats a hot homecooked meal every day and is always satisfied! He says its the best gift anyone has ever gotten him. He loves it alone with the special messages i put on his lunchbox screen. ❤️

  • Alissa Ramthun

    My boyfriend uses his daily! Best thing we ever got. All his co workers comment on it all the time and that they wished they had one.

  • Amanda Venskoske

    Great for people who don’t have outlets or a microwave to heat their food up.

  • Maryjane Gonzales

    I love mine I bought with the five lunch

  • Teresa Korell

    The best on the market, fill it and set a timer for lunch even if you are in a tent welding the machine you also can have a hot healthy lunch

  • Mike Jones

    Highly recommended this lunch box to anyone that works in the field. I wish they had this 20 years ago. This lunch box is a total game changer when it comes to a hot lunch on the job site or traveling.

  • Gerson Martinez (verified owner)

    Súper buena

  • Sharon Gendreau

    LunchEAZE is the best! It’s hot and ready when mealtime rolls around. It really saves me a lot of hassle, time and money. No rushing off to pick up lunch or wait for the microwave to be available. I’m on the road every day, my work is in the country, and I eat at the park in between jobs. When I leave the house I need to be well prepared with lunch and ample amounts of water. I’m a caretaker of homes, people and animals and LunchEAZE is a gift to myself that makes taking care of myself so easy! There’s nothing better than a hot lunch!
    If you can put leftovers away after a meal, you can prepare your LunchEAZE container for tomorrow’s lunch. I recommend purchasing at least one extra container in case one is in the dishwasher.
    I keep my LunchEAZE near the coffee maker so I remember to plug it in the night before when I set up my coffee. When there’s no leftovers, in the morning it takes only a minute or two to fill the container with frozen veggies, frozen precooked sausage, and a little salad dressing for flavoring.
    LunchEAZE saves time, less dishwashing, less energy usage, and it feels like my Mom made me a hot lunch every day!
    I have more tips and recipes for making LunchEAZE more popular than your kitchen stove, but you’ll have to contact me for that! I’m considering writhing a book about it.
    Other than the carry case tearing at the top edge after a year or so, I only have praise for this fantastic invention!
    Sherry Gendreau
    Finger Lakes, NY

  • Alexandra Hernandez

    Great for lunch from home. You add in the time you are having your lunch and it will have your lunch hot and ready to enjoy. Great buy for workers in the fields.

  • Nicole Trombly

    Amazing!! My boyfriend uses this almost daily in the winter for a hot meal when he works in the cold all day long. The only issue is the battery is now not charging completely and we have only had it for 1 1/2 years. I’m assuming the freezing temperatures outside have something to do with it. Overall we would purchase again and recommend.

  • Delia Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Great product! Husband is a driver and now he can always have hot lunches. The only thing is, the interior of the lunch box rips and the plastic cover of the the metal lunch box doesn’t close tightly after using it for awhile. So any liquid will spill

  • Daniel Casillas (verified owner)

    Pick me!!

  • Haliee Ray (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the lunchbox but I wish the container was a bit larger and the lunchbox a tad bigger. Really hard to fit bottles of water and snacks and a freezer pack all in that bottom section.

  • Grisel Zuniga

    Amazing !

  • Cecilia Romero

    It’s a good product

  • Jackie Zavala

    It was awesome using it everyday, i like how hot the food gets and how convenient it is to use

  • Tom Streeter

    The best lunchbox ever! A guaranteed hot lunch when and where you want it.

  • Leslie Kabir (verified owner)

    I pack my husbands lunch all the time and use the luncheaze and he loves it. I do wish it container was a little bigger though. And I really wanted the silverware set but it’s always out of stock.

  • Odalis Santos Barron (verified owner)

    This portable luncbox was exactly what I was looking for. I was very impressed with the quality of the product I received.

  • Tom Cooper (verified owner)

    After having to eat cold lunch on the road all the time, LunchEaze is a life changer! No I have fresh and hot lunch every day.

  • Melinda Hatton (verified owner)

    I bought a Luncheaze Original for my husband for Christmas. He absolutely loves it. He gets to eat a hot lunch now without having to spend money going out to eat.Since he has been using it, many of the other guys he works with have got one as well.

  • Ruffy Marapao (verified owner)

    The best portable food warmer hands down.

  • Bertha Gil (verified owner)

    Great keeps your food ready for when you are

  • Meghan Dare

    Absolutely love this product. My fiancé hated having cold lunches everyday for work while being outside in -40. Having his LunchEaze has made such a difference. 100% worth the cost



  • Anita Ocampo

    It’s amazing

  • Andrea Jimenez (verified owner)

    I got this for my boyfriend since he’s a driver. He finally gets to have hot full meals at any time. He loves it!

  • Ashley Jeffers (verified owner)

    So I want to share something with you all that I know will be a life changer. When we camp and go on road trips or amusement parks, we stress because how are we going feed our son who has severe food allergies? We have to prepare his food from scratch so it’s been refrigerated or frozen, and we need to warm it right!

    Well since we don’t have access to a microwave, we searched and searched until we came across this amazing lunch box from Luncheaze . It’s rechargeable so that means we don’t have to worry about it being plugged in AT ALL to use it. We just charge it and it’s ready to go with 2.5 hours of warm time. Oh and it’s Bluetooth so I can turn it on from another room or pre-set what time I want to eat and it’s ready when I go get it.

    We can warm up his food whether it’s frozen or not and he has a hot meal anywhere, anytime. We even bought an inverter to charge it in the car. For the first time, we were able to enjoy a camping trip as a family without stressing about what our son is going to eat. This is the best thing we could have asked for!


    Makes my life much easier!

  • Kristin Mientkiewicz (verified owner)

    Does a great job of heating my lunch. I love that you can set the tome and that it can heat on battery power.

  • Shane Griffberg

    Love it

  • April Vandegrift (verified owner)

    My husband is very happy with his gift and having a wonderful lunch daily with his busy schedule so convenient for a husband who works construction type work!!

  • April Eppley

    Still saving up to but it for

  • Paul Mott

    Awesome product. Set a time and eat

  • Cynthia Jimenez (verified owner)

    Great for heating up food if you have no microwave!

  • Em F

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • Elizanet Batista (verified owner)

    Great product

  • Karli Bell

    So perfect for anyone in construction

  • Justin Reed (verified owner)

    it’s great. would like the tray to be a little bigger but it’s fine. I use it every day

  • Cassidy Frey (verified owner)

    Not too big, not too small that you’re hungry after eating. Like it’s just right.

  • Ricardo Luna

    Very great easy to use.

  • Ruben Arguello

    Good the best

  • Corey Jensen

    Couldn’t be happier with these, so handy.

  • Diana Dinh (verified owner)

    Loves it. Ordered another one for myself. Makes eating lunch faster and easier

  • Itzel Zuniga (verified owner)

    Love. best thing ever

  • Vicki Lasher (verified owner)

    I love mine I get to work turn it on I have the timer set and when it is time for lunch it is ready to go I am not always able to eat when I plan to but it stays hot for a while

  • Stephanie Espinoza (verified owner)

    Luncheaze has made my husband happy. I heard about you on tiktok, then I followed and kept up with the videos.
    In all honesty I thought it was so pricey so I went to Amazon and nothing compared to the reviews and the quality of luncheaze so I said I’m going to do it for my husband. I did and I bought the extra accessories and got the most expensive one and now I’m so happy, the quality of it is literally 100/10. I’m glad I didn’t go cheap and be disappointed. Luncheaze has saved us money in the outcome, my hubby would spend out eating and now it’s saved us so much $$ and healthy meals! I hope u later come out with kid sizes because I will need 2 plz 🙂
    Thank u luncheaze! Happy warm homemade lunch is a happy husband. Who doesn’t want a warm homemade lunch? No microwave, no fast food, easy meals made. Thank you luncheaze and QUALITY of products is amazing!!!

  • Juan Campos (verified owner)

    Absolutely love being able to take leftovers and have a hot lunch when you’ve been working outside all day. I work construction and we hardly ever get the chance to have a hot meal because nothing is accessible. Having this has been an amazing purchase. Highly recommend

  • Sara Fierro (verified owner)

    Great product! My husband and I love that he can finally have a hot homemade lunch especially during the winter. He can finally have soup!

  • Pamela Bussoli

    I wish the charge would be strong enough to heat 2 meals.

  • Joseph segura (verified owner)

    Warm bag socks zipper dis not hold up to well rest still strong love it

  • JR Palpallatoc

    Best lunch box I’ve ever owned! Keeps my meals nice and hot!

  • Mayra Avitia

    Love it

  • Lorena Lomeli

    We have had the lucheaze for over a year and have had no issues. My husband works nights and works outdoors and loves that he can eat warm lunches now

  • Brian Bowers (verified owner)

    Only had it for a week but has lived up to all expectations. Puts all leftovers on the table. Five lunches that wouldn’t work cold we’re all delicious. My coworkers are all wanting one for themselves.

  • Rachel Wall (verified owner)

    I first heard about y’all on TikTok. I was amazed by the video and how great your product is. This helps many workers out on the job site and gives them something to look forward to during the day- a warm meal! Amazing product! My husband loves it.

  • EDWARD CECIL (verified owner)

    love it

  • Deana Satrom

    Love this! My husband is a truck driver and Minnesota winter’s are super cold. He tells me me that he enjoys having a hot lunch is so much better than cold sandwiches

  • Macedonio Flores

    I tell people get it!!

  • Arelly Mendoza (verified owner)

    I purchase this for my husband and it’s the best investment I’ve done for him to always have hot lunches at work and he loves it !!

  • Alexander Nunez

    Awesome product! Can’t compete with these guys

  • Maureen DeLandreville

    It is simple to use, efficient and reliable. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

  • Rachel Eggert

    The best lunchbox on the market!

  • Tracy Ciallella (verified owner)

    Love how my son can have a hot lunch at work and not have to worry about his allergies.

  • Lori Brock (verified owner)

    Being able to make sure my hard working husband who works long hours and is unable to leave off the site to get food makes all the difference in the world! It’s one bit of peace through the crazy days knowing he has a hot lunch to enjoy!

  • Debbie Alvarado (verified owner)

    Since we are vegan this makes making lunch so easy for us.
    No more wasting money on accidentally vegan junk food and only taking a PB & J

  • Michelle Melgoza

    Saves my husband so much time during his lunch. Its nice to have a hot lunch during work. Now he doesn’t have to find a microwave or spend time heating up his food! He loves it!

  • MK Laza

    Very compatible with its lunch kit, Heats up very efficiently and fits a pretty decent amount of food!! The lunch kit in size is deceiving as it looks small, but it in fact can pack quite a bit of snacks, food and drinks!! Highly recommend to those who need lunch on the go

  • Matthew Cummings

    Great to use and saves on having to find a microwave

  • Yareli Garcia-Ramirez (verified owner)

    I would say it’s the best investment I have made for me and my husband it has saved us money by not shopping at the gas station for what ever junk food I could get and now I eat home made meals every day definitely a game changer

  • Julie Bock (verified owner)

    My son loves it

  • Robert Merriam (verified owner)

    Perfect for a hot meal when you work in construction and can’t leave the jobsite.

  • Stacey Villarreal (verified owner)

    Best purchase my husband uses it everyday loves having a hot meal for lunch

  • Lourdes Marciano

    I love my luncheaze. People are jealous when I get to have hot home-cooked meal for lunch. This also helps me stick with my keto diet since I do not purchase fast food meals anymore and meal prep more.I just wish there was a better way to know it the battery is charging and is full charged.

  • Myra Vasquez

    Love this product, so does my husband!

  • Lisa Diaz (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband, who works in construction, as a Christmas gift. He has told me other guys at the job site have asked him about it and have even envied him when he opens it up and the steam rises out of it at lunch time! This is such a great product! Thankful that my husband gets to have a hot lunch now, no matter where the job site is at, instead of just cold sandwiches or no lunch at all!

  • Andrew Valdez

    I love the ease of use of it. Just plug it in at night and in the morning, put container in annd hit the power button and you food will be ready for whatever time you have for.

  • Jonathan Manzano

    Terrific product

  • Stacy Partida (verified owner)

    It’s very easy to use and he loves the utensils and bag it came in

  • Derick Hicks

    This thing is awesome! Don’t leave home without it. Makes lunchtime worth looking forward to.

  • Jasmine Mendoza

    I worry about my love having a good, hot and healthy lunch when he’s on the road but this helps his day be a little bit better! Not having to go into busy truck stops and heating it up or getting something deep fried… Easy to read screen and can change the settings any time. It’s an investment for sure like investing in a good pair of boots, being comfortable going wherever you go, or give you that bit of security of having a hot meal. It’s the little things!

  • Samantha Kranz (verified owner)

    Love it! Being on the road a lot this product has changed my life. I’m able to eat warm food in the middle of no where on the road.

  • Oscar Escobedo (verified owner)

    Love it it’s all I can say

  • Patrick Farrace

    This product is pretty darn great. I got mine as part of the original crowd funding campaign. It allows me to avoid using microwaves to heat my food, plus as a person with a very busy schedule, I can EITHER take my food with me and heat on demand OR schedule my food to be heated in advance of my availability.

    Looking forward to future design improvements and features, but I’m very happy with the product as-is!

  • Yesenia Naranjo (verified owner)

    Love the idea of being able to prep my husband any kind of food without the need of a microwave because Luncheaze can automatically warm it up.

  • Luke Meyer

    Excellent product for meal prepping!

  • Ryan Buazard (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the product, only complaint I have is with the app. I opted for the more expensive version of the lunchbox to be able to use the app to change the time of heating if need be and the app absolutely doesn’t work at all. Will not connect to the lunchbox even when my phones right next to it.

  • Amilah Saiban (verified owner)

    Keeps food nice & hot and always ready when you are

  • Amilah Saiban (verified owner)

    Always ready for you

  • Patricia Tan

    Very Enjoy using it, especially in winter and it’s a cool thing ever.

  • Katy Gonzalez Barron

    I love it works great.

  • Amanda Butler (verified owner)

    Gets food hot for lunch and allows more options for my child to take for lunch than just cold sandwiches

  • Cesar Bueno

    Love it

  • Elizabeth Tamayo (verified owner)

    Bought the lunchEaze for my husband about a year and a half ago, it was great because he can have a hot lunch every day so it’s very convenient and so worth the price. Recently, he lost it and we had to repurchase because it’s really just that good!

  • Roxanne Takabayashi

    After a lot of researching and making my purchase for my husband, I am totally impressed. I can adjust the heat, and it it truly "cordless". Three of his coworkers have purchased multiple units. I am happy with my purchase…..five stars!!

  • Sebastian Gama

    The lunchEAZE is by far the best portable lunch heater I’ve ever used I use to carry I portable gas burner that I use to heat up my food and that would always take for ever or burn the bottom of my food another down fall from what I was using was that I always had to make sure my small propane bottles were full if not I would end up eating my food cold and let me tell you it was not the best. So fall I love this product especially when all I have to do at night is charge it and in the morning just insert my container power it all and I’m ready for a hot meal, also I love that if I didn’t have lunch at that time it would keep my food warm until the battery completely died. So far this has been the best product I’ve even use, but as of right now all I have to do is order a new bag because the stitching tends to fall apart after a while but other then that I have no complaints about it thank you for an awesome product!!.

  • Adam Willows (verified owner)

    Best thing I’ve bought for work in years! Total game changer when it comes to lunch. I only get a half hour for lunch and before I spent 10 to 15 minutes finding a microwave to cook something. Now I sit down for lunch and it’s hot and ready i absolutely love it!

  • Angela Gonzales (verified owner)

    Most amazing invention. Nothing like

  • Heather Popejoy

    This lunchEaze has changed my husbands life! He went from a ham and cheese sandwich, every day, to a huge variety of hot foods! He went from complaining about lunch every day to being excused! We love it!

  • Chynna-Kalila Muao

    I don’t own one but would love to get one when the time is right . I love how it can keep it warm and heat up

  • Zechariah Sather (verified owner)

    Love it and the hot food it provides. The upgraded bag was something I though was going to be a bit bigger but it’s something you can’t tell Online. Over all love the product.

  • Sandra Avalos (verified owner)

    This is the best purchase ever!

  • Estefany Chavez

    Love this product! Saves you time and money,then going out to buy lunch.

  • Leslie Laureiro


  • Destine Lasiter (verified owner)

    Is really good for rehearing and keeping lunch hot, even cooks my husbands ramen haha. Bluetooth a little hard to figure out he said but other then that he likes it a lot

  • Amie Petron (verified owner)

    The LunchEAZE is a great way to bring your lunch to work so that you can have a nice hot meal that will fuel you.

  • Scott Landrey (verified owner)

    I have had my LunchEAZE for about two weeks now, and Love it! I work for Comcast cable, and work in the office building, but also travel to other buildings on some days, so I love that it’s portable and allows me to always have a hot meal for lunch! I used to use the microwave for my lunch in the past, but it never heated my food evenly like the LunchEAZE does. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I sometimes have trouble snapping the lids on the metal containers. I don’t know if others have experienced the same issue. Other than that I Love it! Hope it lasts a long time.

  • Shermel Francis (verified owner)

    This is amazing and so innovative for people who don’t have access to microwaves and love a hot meal.

  • mitchell Boyette

    Great device. Always have a warm lunch hot and ready for me. Great alternative to eating fast food. The money you save from not eating out pays for this 10 fold.

  • Ivan Ortiz (verified owner)

    Awesome product, I’m very happy with my luncheaze since I bought it almost 2 years ago.

  • Dang Lam (verified owner)

    Amazing! So amazing we bought 3 and got our family & friends buying their own also. It is airport-friendly and perfect for those with severe allergies. It is also perfect for my husband who is always on the road for work.

  • Ellice Saastad

    Sick of making my boyfriend sandwiches, this made it much easier to fill a container with left overs

  • Tiffany Metz (verified owner)

    It is so amazing!! I love that i don’t hands to hand it plugged into my vehicle to make it heat up!

  • Samantha Woolf (verified owner)

    i like that i can pack a hot lunch for my kids and know that it will still be warm when they eat. the lunchboxes are quite durable – the first one i bought has lasted over three years and it’s taken a beating with my middle schooler.

  • Levi Tobin (verified owner)

    Is amazing product for what it is and has cut back not only has my food waste as well as many healthier meals at a cheaper price

  • Orlando Jimenez

    Great product!

  • Holly MacDonald (verified owner)

    Handy abd convenient. Would be nice it battery lasted longer (more than one meal per charge). Lunch bag feels cheap and non durable.

  • Praise Fa’amasino

    I bought this for my partner and he loves it! Very convenient and straightforward. He never goes work without it.

  • Chris Antoine (verified owner)

    Only gave 3 stars because I’ve only had unit 1 week. I’d b happy to do another in a year.

  • Jackelyn Poole

    This is THE most life changing product in this category. If mine ever breaks, I am buying another one immediately!! Gone are the days of snack machine lunches or waiting in long lines at work just for a hot meal.

  • Kyle Kussy

    Best purchase I made in 2022. Having the option to bring my own lunch and have it heated when it’s time to eat haze saved me so much time and money

  • Steven Brown

    I work on a swing stage or sometime job sites without a microwave (especially when Covid hit) so the fact that I can have a warm meal outside when it’s cold out is a game changer for me thanks

  • Joseph DeYoung

    I love how easy and practical my Luncheaze is. When I’m out on a job with no power source, it’s perfect to have a nice hot lunch. Customer service is also A1, my bag was damaged and they immediately sent me a new one. Overall, I’m very satisfied.

  • David Wurtz (verified owner)


  • John Garside

    The BEST I can now enjoying a hot meal during lunch verses warming up my lunch at 5am.. leaving for work then going to lunch with a semi-hot plate. It’s cool

  • Alma Sanchez (verified owner)

    Love it I wish I would of known if it sooner! Have fresh hot delicious meals daily no more fast food (cold,greasy ) super easy to use. My friend ask daily how I’m eating hot meals! Great gifts for family and friends. No way going back!! LOVE IT NO REGRETS

  • Chris Nisbit (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

  • Veronica Garcia (verified owner)

    I got this for my son and he loves it. Its very practical and easy to use

  • Tiara Marrama (verified owner)

    My husband thinks this is amazing! He now gets nice hot lunch on the cold worksite. He brings a variety of food. Steak dinner, pizza, pasta, egg rolls, stew. This is a complete game changer for him. He was so excited when I gave it to him for Valentine’s Day.

  • mike grant (verified owner)

    this is great it has saved me a lot of money and helps me eat healthier.

  • Amanda Paxton (verified owner)

    Best lunch box product on the market! Beats out any of the heated lunch boxes on Amazon because you don’t have to plug it in to heat your food. The one year warranty is fast and efficient to use.

  • Amanda Paxton (verified owner)

    Best lunch box product on the market! Beats out any of the heated lunch boxes on Amazon because you don’t have to plug it in to heat your food. The one year warranty is fast and efficient to use.

  • bonnie kellogg

    Having the ability to pack a hot lunch for my husband each day has made a tremendous difference in the quality of his eating. I also gave LunchEAZE to my employees over a year ago, and they are STILL thanking me, telling me it is the most useful gift they’ve ever received.

    For my husband and myself, we got extra containers which we fill and freeze. We defrost some a few days before we use them, and meet for lunch each day to enjoy a hot meal together .. and I don’t have to cook it!!

  • Patricia Tan (verified owner)

    Very convenient for hot lunch days without having to wait for the food to heat up. We bought another one for our son to have his lunch in his car instead of having to wait in line at the school cafeteria.

  • Kristen Harkenreader


  • Alexander Antonini

    My work day is normally pretty busy and no matter what I can always count on my lunch being nice and hot. I’ve been in the USN for 6years now and this lunch box is perfect for anyone who is meal prepping. I will be buying another one for my wife who is a mobile dog groomer. This lunch box really is amazing and it clearly surpasses others!

  • kimberly olvera

    I bought this luncheaze for my boyfriend that works as a delivery driver and he loves it. He can have hot meals instead of sandwiches and cold foods. This product does require maintenance to the battery from time to time but overall a very good product.

  • Remy Baltazar (verified owner)

    Very good for on the go uner driver its hot enough where it doesn’t burn your mouth and small enough to put in your car. The food container is small but deep enough to pack a good lunch on the go. Price wise was to expense but very good quality I recommend it for on the go work

  • Carlie Stach

    I have a few things about this lunch box I would change if I could, for example the containers are small, if you work 12 hour or more shifts it wont be enough food. The box takes 2 hours to fully heat, it only heats one time and needs to be charged. I wish it was able to heat twice so I could pack two lunches for my boyfriend a day. Other than that I am happy with the luncheaze. Its simple to use, it provides a warm meal. My favorite thing about the luncheaze is the fact the reheated food is actually delicious, nothing is over burned to the bottom, pasta doesn’t get dried out or over cooked like it would in a microwave. The luncheaze is very expensive BUT it was the only option I could find that didn’t need to be plugged in to start heating, you charge it the night before set your eat time and eat when its done, Its stupid easy. I’ve never had an issue with it, it does what its supposed to do.

  • Jessica Adams

    It has worked exactly as advertised. One went bad but we asked about it and they quickly sent a replacement. we’ve had it for a couple years now and it’s still working fine.

  • Ernest Coleman

    Awesome product

  • Judith Bautista

    Love it

  • Dawna Hood

    Love my Luncheaze and I show it off daily to my coworkers.

  • Cassiar Ladenburg

    Bought this for my farmer husband- he often logs many hours in the field and gets sick of cold sandwiches, he is very excited to have hot meals this seeding season!

  • Stephanie Corbett (verified owner)

    They love them they just need more containers

  • Claudia Estrada

    My husband loves his LunchEAZE! It makes taking a lunch to work very easy and convenient.

  • Luis Jaime (verified owner)

    Is very practical because has many lines to use the microwaves

  • Jessica Jimenez (verified owner)

    My husband is so happy to finally eat my home cooked meals for lunch, Because of luncheaze!! I give a big thanks to the team. For also helping me as quick as they can when any issues come up with this product, which was only a one time thing, but got fixed right away!! Now everything is perfect!!
    I recommend this to any person in a trade that doesn’t want to keep looking for a microwave nearby!

  • Rory McClelland (verified owner)

    Love it. Use it two/three times a week for a hit lunch.

  • Chad Czenkus

    I love it. Being able to take leftovers to work and eat them hot is awesome. It’s a huge money saver

  • Mark Pierman

    Always having a hot, home-cooked meal has made me a very happy guy. Well worth the investment.

  • Christian Gonzalez Garcia

    Best purchase I’ve ever made to save money for my job. Highly recommend to anyone interested. They are like a small oven on the go and have the texture of a fresh home cooked meal!

  • Dayana Ortiz (verified owner)

    So far there has been no problems with lunch box. A bit smaller than expected, but overall it’s good.

  • Wendy Delcourt (verified owner)

    excellent, wish I knew about the product sooner. heats food up without overheating the food. just the right temperature. I would recommend, LunchEAZE to everyone.

  • Erika Strauss (verified owner)

    I ordered a LunchEAZE for my husband for Christmas and he loves it! He loves the convenience of LunchEAZE and he likes not having to use a microwave. People always pop their head into his office when he’s eating lunch to tell him how good his lunch smells. We have been so pleased with LunchEAZE that we just ordered some for our employees.

  • Bryon Moore

    This heater does a fantastic job doing exactly what it claims to do. I set the time I intend to eat and the temperature I want my meal heated to and it is ready to go when I am – even when it is bit sooner or later. I don’t need to worry about finding an outlet, a microwave, or keeping it plugged in inside my vehicle. The container holds a decent meal portion (on occasion I wish for a larger size) and is easy to clean. I’m no longer reduced to cold sandwiches when working on a jobsite without all the amenities. The only thing I would add is some sort of light or indicator that lets you know it is plugged in and charging. A time or two we have discovered the next morning that nobody had plugged it in and it was only charged for an hour or two. The visual cue of a light (and even a sound as well) would help prevent this. I know it is designed to work with an app, but I don’t really use the app. We have extra containers and the nice bag — it’s a really great setup.

  • Rebecca Sandoval (verified owner)

    It actually works!

  • Jada Cruz (verified owner)

    it is one of the best things i have bought!

  • Juana Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Amazing purchase, my husband loves it!!
    Food is hot and steamy.

  • Rubi Rangel (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved it, had to buy another as a gift! It’s exactly as described and takes hassle of thinking what to pack for lunch everyday or even how your going to warm up your meal.

  • Mary Duron

    Great product. I tell everyone I know that doesn’t have access to a microwave to buy this

  • Gabriela Najera (verified owner)

    I wish the battery last longer.

  • John Irish (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with this unit!! Would highly recommend!

  • Annabelle Fernandes

    This has changed the game for lunches for my husband. Not only does he get a full hot meal everyday-but also makes it so much easier to eat healthy! Changes the lifestyle for blue collar workers for sure. Couldn’t be more grateful. And the app makes it flawless and easy!

  • Ashlyn Moran

    This product is absolutely amazing and convenient for blue collar workers. the adjustable temperature is perfect and really heats it great. very spacious container

  • Kern Hokai

    Great product, they stand by their warranty. Great idea to extend your warranty for 3 years it’s worth it.

  • Dallana Cardona

    Estoy utilizando 5 veces por semana, y me ah ido genial y de maravilla, un Excelente regalo para mi esposo fue esta lLuncheAzze se evita calentar y hacer filas para usar un microondas.

  • Jessica Belsito (verified owner)

    I’m happy with the product just wish it were a little bigger.

  • Derek Griffith

    I use it everyday and love it

  • Cesar Arriaga

    Awesome invention. Glad I can take my lunch break and eat my food immediately without having to use a microwave

  • Jacqueline Soto (verified owner)

    Heats up the food very well

  • Candace Williams (verified owner)

    It’s awesome

  • Ramon Vega

    I was looking online for a product that can warm up my food and so I came upon the luncheaze after looking at the product and the competitors I seen that the luncheaze was for me so I took the risk of trying your product it’s been the best decision I’ve made it works perfectly keeps my food nice n hot and the seal for the lid doesn’t leak so I can have my soups with no worries if you or some one you know need a very very great product luncheaze is the way to go…….

  • Yeslie Lima salinas

    Portable functional

  • Larry Paccione (verified owner)

    It’s awesome
    Like I have a personal catering company serving me lunch

  • Fahreen Samji (verified owner)

    My mom kept on buying thermos only for them to slowly stop keeping the food hot after less than a year. Once I found this LunchEaze and bought it for her, she has loved taking food that are not sandwhiches. She has said this is one of the best gifts and is so glad she has it as she use to eat warm food in a cold car

  • Jose Garcia

    Am super impressed with the product best thing I could have gotten. Due to my line of work I’m constantly eating out, with the Luncheaze I can safe money and not worry about finding a place to heat my food up.

  • Rachel Kelly (verified owner)

    We love it. My S/O works outside as an operator even in winter. He only gets 15 minutes for lunch and was eating cold sandwiches everyday. That just wouldn’t do for us. We have packed everything from veggies.soups, and even a steak in it on his birthday! He absolutely loves it and makes all the other operators and laborers jealous. Now lots of them are or have getting one and they all love eating warm meals!

  • Lorraine Corrales

    Perfect for my husbands lunch. He works construction and doesn’t have anywhere to heat up lunch so I was always having to send him with cold foods like sandwiches but now I can send him with a hot homemade meal to enjoy.

  • Rocio Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I’ve had it for a week and it is definitely what we needed. I wish it held a little bit more food but other than that it is great!

  • Litay Rios

    My husband loves his luncheaze. It’s always ready to go with no hassle. He does t have much time to eat and this saves him having to warm his food and get everything to get her just to eat lunch .

  • Gregg Talbot (verified owner)

    We have two of these. They are awesome.

  • Donna Swick (verified owner)

    Best lunchbox ever. It changed my husband’s life now he is able too eat leftover warm so they don’t go to waste. We recommend this to everyone.

  • Brooke Smith (verified owner)

    So far we have only needed to use it once since purchasing but will be using it later this week. It heated up amazingly well. The battery still had plenty of life. This will help my kids with keeping lunches warm while at stockshows, athletic events and school days when I am unable to be there. My children have celiac so being able to have lunches that are hot and ready while safe are a big thing!

  • Kennedy Thomas (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! They tend to advertise more toward individuals who work outdoors or in construction, but this product is also excellent if you work in an office setting. The food is always hot when it’s time to eat (I literally have to let it cool down a little before I can eat). I was initially skeptical because I like my food super hot when I’m ready to eat, but this product has lived up to the hype. It’s a bit pricy, but it definitely works. My only cons are the price and the number of containers they provide for the price. They should at least provide two containers considering the product’s price.

    (I’ve had mine for about two months)

  • Karrie Patterson

    I love it. Keeps my food piping hot. I would purchase again and customer service is amazing.

  • Ravae Sanchez (verified owner)

    after buying different lunch containers and those failing within a short period of time, this has to be the best. Definitely worth the money and worth the buy!

  • Lena Sandoval

    This lunch box is amazing. It really is as simple as they say. Turn it on, set what
    Time you want to eat lunch, come back and boom your food is hot! This is worth every single penny.

  • Luz Campos

    My husband LOVES his LunchEAZE!

    We don’t own a microwave and he doesn’t use any at work, so preparing his lunch has always been a challenge. LunchEAZE has made it possible for him to eat a warm lunch.
    He doesn’t have a set lunch break, so even if he isn’t able to eat it when ready, it remains warm until he is.

    It works amazing, but the reason I gave it a 4 star is because the charge is good to warm up one meal. He eats 2 meals at work. Carrying an extra battery means one more thing he has to carry around.

  • Yesenia Aguirre

    Great product to heat up lunch with out any outlet!

  • NOREEN BARTON (verified owner)

    Came across the tiktok video, i enjoyed how everyone showed off thier lunches and those who has cold sandwiches and i thought of my husband. Then i decided to suprise him and pruchase his first heated lunch box. As of now he enjoys hot lunches, especially on cold and raining days. great customer service. Great product, had a issue with leaking and immediately send a new lid with no questions asked.

  • Stacy Johnson (verified owner)

    I hate that my husband would have to eat a cold lunch on a freezing day or waste half his break waiting to use a microwave. This makes life so much easier for him and he can’t wait for lunch most days!

  • Benita Garcia (verified owner)

    Perfect size. Easy to use and reuse. The charging is a breeze. Setting the time & timer.

  • Ron Trammell

    Very nice unit but I wish the temp could be reduced below 170 as 2 hours at that temp can dry food out. I bought this for my child to take to school and it will make it 2 years. Most of the unit is very high quality but one of the plastic mounting ears for the tray holder broke. The ear is too think and probably needed to be metal or much thinker plastic. Overall, happy with the product and think it is nearly perfect.

  • Ramon Leonard (verified owner)

    I’m a wife who’s been away from home for months, helping our family through some health issues. My husband is at home since his work requires him to be on the road, out meeting people face-to-face daily. For me, it helps me cope knowing that I can help him with his meals while I’m away, and to do this, I order a weekly food delivery service for him, and he uses the lunchEAZE almost every day, enabling him to have a hot, healthy meal while on the road and avoiding fast food. He loves the lunchEAZE and calls it his personal oven :). Thank you for such a great product.

  • Betty Reyna

    Best lunch box!! Highly recommend!

  • Janelle Gonzalez (verified owner)

    My husband love it and his lunch now everyday!!

  • carlos castellon (verified owner)

    It’s great I can heat up my food without stopping at gas stations to use their microwave. It saves me time and the inconvenience of stopping.

  • Caleb Ochoa

    I really enjoy having the ability to have hot lunches on the road or in a parking garage. The Luncheaze has worked great for me.

  • Jenifer Dimeler (verified owner)

    The lunchEAZE itself is great. It helps with a picky eater who only wants hot food.

    My only complaint is the lunch container. It has started peeling on the liner in the inside.

  • Erik Villafana

    This is buy far the best portable lunch heater you can buy if you have an outdoor job and can’t heat up your food.

  • Julissa Reyes (verified owner)

    I love it just made sending lunch a lot easier thank you

  • Salma Trevino

    The best luncheaze ever used to keep lunch warm

  • James Haddock (verified owner)

    Love this lunchbox, I never have to worry about where and when to heat up my lunch, no more cold lunches!

  • Chris Liwanag (verified owner)

    Our microwave always breaks here at work. And I was looking for a food warmer. Saw LunchEaze on IG and had to get one. It’s awesome. Never having to worry if the microwave is broke then I’m forced to eat my food old anymore. Not going to lie it’s pricey, but it’s awesome!

  • Claudia Jauregui (verified owner)

    Can’t live with out it

  • Morgan Hargrove

    I was searching something my husband could use for work since he is a blue collar worker can’t always just go out to eat. This has changed his life! Healthier options now as well! Best decision! Invest you won’t regret it, hot meals every day.

  • Raul Maldonado (verified owner)

    Ease of use, compact quick to charge and heat food up. Amazing piece of equipment, wish i had purchased sooner

  • Jeanette Moreno-Castillo

    My husband is a machine operator in the fields. And I needed to find a way for him to eat a warm meal and I found your products and they are the perfect fit! It’s amazing and I recommend it for those who don’t have access to a microwave!

  • Jose Martinez (verified owner)

    Working with fellow Co workers on Union Pacific rail roads where we dont have access to warm food all the time. They recommend luncheaze to keep food nice and warm. Amazing way of heating up my food when there are no areas with microwave

  • Hakim Lwerekera

    The original is nice and specious.

  • Gregory Johnson

    Works great especially when you don’t have access to a microwave or anything to warm up your food.

  • Dominque Hamilton (verified owner)

    I has came across Mateo.brown TikTok about the luncheaze lunchbox and I was curious about. After doing my research in the lunchbox I decided I needed to have it!! I just recently received it in the mail and it has been a game changer for. At my job I waste money going to fast food places (I never eat all my food), so I vowed that once I got my luncheaze I wouldn’t eat at fast food places (everyday). It has helped me save $40 so far in going out to eat! I am really happy to have my luncheaze, I can now bring food from and warm it up from the car instead of having to drive around and wait in long lines to order food. THANK YOU FOR MAKING LUNCHEAZE IT IS A LIFE/GAME CHANGER for a single mom like me!

  • Rosalva Garcia

    LunchEaze Original was the best purchase. It literally pays for itself. Great way to meal prep and stay consistent with your goals and save money and time.

    I was looking at a recipe one of the ladies I follow and she said I’m putting the leftover away in my husbands lunchbox and you can save 30% off. I was like oh that’s cool and since my husband had been working as a heavy equipment operator and had mentioned he hates sandwiches now lol. I showed him and he said no it’s to expensive so I surprised him for Christmas with the meal prep LunchEAZE original one and let me tell you it has paid for itself within a month. Best choice I made it’s not only helping so my husband can have a healthy lunch and not have to go to fast food but it’s saving us money month after month. I’m hoping to see another sale since my son will start going to college next year and he would like one too. 🙂

  • Adriana Arevalo

    I like it but i did have a piece that broke off a little it. I feel like it it could have stinger material

  • Jose Valentin (verified owner)

    I’m a truck driver was looking for a portable food warmer and found you guys on YouTube so did more research

  • Nicole Clevinger (verified owner)

    Works amazingly. Easy to use. He uses the app to set up when he would like to eat his food while on the road. Heats food evenly.

  • Michelle Perez

    Best thing to have happens to us!!!

  • Stephanie Franklin

    The best

  • Maria Vega

    Just loveit


    I love the LunchEAZE however two batteries went bad very quickly. If it werent for the battery situation it would be 4 stars.

  • Patricia Torres (verified owner)

    The battery has already when bad n I jus got it

  • Israel Martinez

    this is a great lunch box that allows me to have hot ready-to-eat food at the moment of my lunch break. I Highly recommend it. and it is great for people that like Meal prepping.

  • Danielle Boden

    Good quality convenient size quick heat up overall, good product

  • Duncan Jewitt (verified owner)

    If you work outside in the freezing cold there is nothing better then a hot lunch ready for you in the truck when it’s time to eat and nothing does it better then a luncheaze hands down the best you’ll save $100 a week by not ordering out so the luncheaze will basically pay for itself in a month or so 10/10 recommend to everyone who will listen.


    Great product.

  • Janett Rios

    Well I heard about you guys and I was intrigued. So I bought one. And I love it. The fact that it’s so convenient and on the go. Just turn it on and forget it. Food comes out hot. Just as if it just came off the stove. Thanks for making such a great product. Especially for us that stay working outside. I’m outside all day long and it’s great that I can just turn it on and my food is hot within a couple hours. Great product.

  • Lydia Gonzalez (verified owner)

    It does a pretty good job of maintaining food warm and decreasing the hassle of getting lunch ready. The only issue I had was that the battery didn’t last long.

  • Anthony Shelton (verified owner)

    The actual lunchbox is nice. But the bag that the lunch box goes in was shredded within a month I eat lunch in my car so the lunchbox was only going from the house to my car.otherwise super happy with my purchase

  • Jorge Molina

    So far its good. It gets pretty hot and I like that it keeps my food hot. The only thing is I wish the app had a way to tell me my battery level or alert me if its low and needs to be charged.

  • John Maki

    Works great. Great customer service if you need

  • Robby Dooley

    My job is often nowhere near restaurants or a microwave. I noticed some of the guys using plug in units that were often problematic because of forgetting to plug them In or failing to work. I searched for a product that was battery powered and high quality. After I notched you can set meal times and adjust meal temperature I knew this was the product for me. I had issues with one of the lids not fitting properly and that’s no big deal but luncheaze stands behind its products and the sent me a new one and had it in two days. If you work outdoors like I do this is the perfect high quality product.

  • Veronica Saucedo (verified owner)

    He loved it! Said it’s the best purchase I could’ve ever gotten for him.

  • Stacey Gamble

    Happy with purchase.

  • Samantha Hinojosa (verified owner)

    I love the luncheaze I bought my boyfriend I want one sooooo bad

  • Tierney McGinley

    Awesome! Best lunchbox out there

  • Ilona Stakhova (verified owner)

    Great product!

  • Corey Ringley

    A video of a lady using Luncheaze for her husband popped up on my phone. At the time I thought it was unique product but didn’t see how I’d have any use for Luncheaze. Fast forward a couple months later and I was put on a shift that only gave us 15 mins for lunch. I was able to find that video on TikTok and from there I was able to find the Luncheaze website. I’ve used my Luncheaze 5-6 days a week since receiving it and absolutely love it! My Luncheaze makes any meal time simple. I am able to skip the microwave line and save valuable time by using my Luncheaze!

  • Abigail May (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the lunchEAZE I plug it in over night and pack the rest of his lunch and in the morning all he has to do is put the container in the hot part and put it in his lunch box and take to work. He loves the Bluetooth feature so that anywhere on the jobsite he can change his lunch time if needed. Once his coworkers saw that he could eat hot meals on the jobsite they all immediately asked him where they could buy one!

  • Sinu Ratumaimuri

    Planning to get one.

  • Wendy Roobol (verified owner)

    A co-worker had one and bragged about having a hot lunch. I bought one and it’s amazing, and review would have could not explain this great product. Been an on road delivery driver for 35 years and to get hot food resulted in unhealthy, grease fried gas station food. Was skeptical but first use was amazing ! Have used it everyday since. Has to be hands down the best investment on myself I have made. No review could explain how great this product is! Best purchase I have ever made.

  • Briseyda Narvaez (verified owner)

    Casi perfecto solo por q no me gustaron los trastes que dan ya que no sellan tan bien y hace que mi comida se derrame en ocaciones

  • Alicia Gronbach (verified owner)

    The LunchEAZE was the perfect product for someone who works on a construction site where there is often no power, fridge to store your food or way to reheat it. I love to use it in the winter time, I’m often working in area with no power, let alone heat so having a nice warm lunch in the middle day is awesome! New customer!

  • Johana Cardenas

    Is very easy to use and very very practice for my husband, is very exciting think that your food this ready for eat

  • Travis Dye

    So far so good. Works well in my line of work as much as I travel. Nice to have warm food instead of sandwiches.

  • Munoz Veronica

    Me encanto y la recomiendo

  • Carolina Vela (verified owner)

    We love it made a huge different in how my husband enjoy his lunch now. And my daughter wants her own for school now.

  • Elvis Carrillo (verified owner)

    Greatest item I ever bought, I wasn’t too happy at first because I found it way too expensive for Canada, we ( my self and 3 other friends) have to pay shipping and some other importing charge from ups that we weren’t aware of

    But I’ve been eating warm food for the last couple of months, and that to me is priceless

  • Paul Horvat (verified owner)

    The tray could be a little bit larger. Would be nice to see a percentage battery indicator for current battery usage and for charging.Without having to turn on the machine to see. Other than that it’s a very good product

  • Martha Sears (verified owner)

    It was the CovId winter of 2020/21 and I needed a way to ensure lunches would be hot for me and my little boy the ski slope. Thermos’s don’t work and a microwave was not an option. eI did, and continue to do my food prep during the week so I don’t have to cook on the weekends. I have multiple "lunch boxes" for when guests visit. I program the "Lunchies" in the morning, and then we all meet for a hot lunch. Something different for everyone. I’ve given multiple LunchEazes as gifts, not a better way to say "I love you".

  • Toni-ann Dambra

    My husband loves it! He finally gets a hot lunch while working on a construction site.

  • Beatriz Lucero

    Great lunch box

  • Jessica Mosqueda (verified owner)

    This is perfect for my husbands to have his food heated up since he works out where there are no microwaves available. So far, we love it!

  • Daisy Hernandez

    I love the Bluetooth feature where the lunch can be heated with a timer

  • Alvin Cruz (verified owner)

    An amazing product I will be recommending it to my fellow coworkers.

  • Calder COLLUM

    So far I love it! It has taken some experimentation to dial in the max heat settings, based on the type of foot and the amount, but not that I have a better idea of that setting it works great! I have only had it for a few months so we will see how it holds up, but I use it 4 to 5 days a week.

  • osvaldo garcia (verified owner)

    I have more than 25 years in construction. Many times if there was no lunch truck on the site I would have to settle for a cold sandwich. Now I can carry my Luncheaze and can have a hot lunch anywhere. I love the luncheaze and use it everyday.

  • Dyrell Epps

    The best thing I brought for my breaks! Same lots of time bringing your own food from home!

  • Stephania Nichols (verified owner)

    Great product

  • Eli Reyes (verified owner)

    The best product out on the market!

  • Francine Vespucci

    all good

  • Wendy Nunez (verified owner)

    It’s an amazing product lunch time game changer

  • Cris Mendoza

    A must have for the on-the-go person.

  • Brianna Neave

    Can’t rave about it enough! Truly a life changer for my man, my FIL and brother. They deserve warm meals and this delivers.

  • Melody Chavarria

    Ensures a warm or hot lunch every day.

  • Rosanna Najera

    Makes eating lunch so much easier without having to find a microwave.

  • Reanna Dobek

    Loved it the first 6 or 7 months up until it stopped working. We took it off charge one evening and it when he went to eat his food it was cold and realized it was no longer heating.

  • Denise Jove

    Love it!

  • Tracey Jones

    This product works amazingly, I am on the go constantly at work and without access to a microwave so I use this daily and it has been consistent and worked perfectly since arrival and I couldn’t be happier with this product performance and will continue to use it for a long time to come.

  • Rebecca Gugler (verified owner)

    The lunch box itself is amazing. The bag could be a little stronger though. It’s ripping apart from the lunchbox getting put in it every day.

  • spencer waagenaar (verified owner)

    It works well but the plastic lids break, the fold over snap tabs start to detach after a couple weeks, I also don’t like how you have to turn it on for it to automatically heat on the set time! Would think it would turn on with the timer.. had a cold lunch a few time cuase of this poorly thought out feature

  • Karina Martinez

    My husband is in love with it, hot lunches are something he looks foward to, cold sandwiches are now only served when I’m mad. Jajaja. By far a great investment, coworkers have now ordered it, even my mom has order one for when she goes out with my brother who has Cerebral Palsy, great way to have meals for him ready, especially because his meals are special made.

  • Jessica Long

    Absolutely amazing!

  • gabriel casillas

    Amazing. Saves me a ton of money and it’s cool.

  • Daniel Wilson (verified owner)

    Awesome product, no more cold lunches for this guy!

  • Deanne Alvarez (verified owner)

    No more cold lunches!

  • maria Desousa

    have had no issued, the food is always warm and stays warm for a while especially in the cold days

  • Kate Mendez

    Great product

  • Jose Velez

    I love it, the only thing is that I’ve had to change the battery twice in 2 years

  • Ashley Evens

    Love this thing. Bought it for my husband for Father’s Day and grabbed myself one too. I was the envy of all at work when they smelled hot oven smells when I opened my bag.

  • Manuel Ayala (verified owner)

    Best lunch box invented ever

  • dylan zamora

    Trí¨s bon produit juste dommage que la batterie chauffe juste un repas mais aide í  mieux manger surtout en zone campagne oí¹ il pas un coins pour ce restauré

  • Roberto Varela (verified owner)

    I really love it its relly work full

  • Jack Garner (verified owner)

    Lobe it

  • Karla Moxley (verified owner)

    Works as presented. My hubby has been happy for way more lunch options and hot lunch during the winter has been great.

  • Rubi Trujillo (verified owner)

    Great purchase, my husband loves it! No more eating cold salads and sandwiches every day.

  • kelvin lopez (verified owner)

    there’s not much to say just absolutely amazing product. I wish I bought it sooner. Highly recommend this to any buddy out in the field Absolutely amazing.

  • Joshua Park

    Does the job

  • Sierra Diaz (verified owner)

    The LunchEAZE is beyond amazing and so simple to use!! I bought it for my husband so he doesn’t have to take a microwave out of his car to heat his food at the job sites in the very cold winters. And sometimes some sites don’t have electricity. So this is perfect. He has hot food nice and ready for him for every lunch. One little thing I can do to make his day a little easier. He loves it so, so much too!


    Beautiful over all! I got one for me and my father for both of our Jobs when we don’t have enough time to get food! It helps out alot because we use up alot of Food we pre prepped! Definitely so easy to use and I love the bag it come with also! Very convenient, totally worth it! Definitely would love to see how the LunchEaze Lite works if the LunchEaze Original been doing us this Good!

  • Dorian Rodriguez (verified owner)

    The best

  • Lyncee Daigrepont

    Its the best

  • Omar Macias (verified owner)

    Good product

  • Dominica Garcia

    I bought this for my dad because he doesn’t have access to a microwave everyday when he works. It is AWESOME!! He loves being able to have warm food. It’s one of the coolest inventions! No reason to have a cold meal.

  • Dylan Abourjeili (verified owner)

    Convenient and easy to use. Definitely does pay off

  • Sabrena Wiley (verified owner)

    Best lunch product on the market!

  • Anny Garay

    Comes in clutch!

  • Yadira Villa

    I can’t complain very happy about with it.

  • Ashlie Kennedy (verified owner)

    Love the product and the efficiency! Wish it was a tad bit bigger to hold a little more food but overall my husband loves the fact that he can have a warm meal for lunch rather than sandwiches everyday.

  • linford Musser

    Works Great

  • Jon Byrd (verified owner)

    I love my LunchEAZE. I use it almost every day. It is so nice to have a hot lunch, and it has saved me lots of $$$ in fast food lunch spots.

  • Francisco Ramirez (verified owner)

    I highly recommend it for those who work out there

  • Justin Koerber

    It works perfect. I was so sick of dragging a microwave around to jobsites

  • David hagerman

    Great product very easy to use. Nice to have a hot meal on a cold day.

  • Jazzy Degeffe

    So far not bad. There is a learning curve for sure but it does keep food hot and ready for when you need.

  • Braulio Santillan

    Not only is it convinient but youll get your moneys worth, the amount of money you save bringing in your own lunch and having a hot meal really makes or breaks your bank in the long run. I now compete with my coworkers on who brings the best home cooked meal without using the gas station microwave.

  • Louis Sterle

    I love it!!! I use it every day. Nothing like a hot lunch when you are in the field all day

  • Lizzet Garcia

    Love it!

  • Erika Ventura

    Warms up and works really well in general. Just wish the tray would be a little bigger

  • Troy Thornton (verified owner)

    It’s nice having a hot meal when ready to eat. With no access to microwave, heating on a locomotive engine was only option.

    I highly recommend a Luncheaze for anyone that travels or needs food heated on job site.

  • Valente Pina

    It’s grate

  • Cassandra Caballero (verified owner)

    10/10! Love it. Holds good amount of food, love that you can set up a warm up time! Bluetooth connection. Everything is perfect and worth the investment

  • Joyce Ung (verified owner)

    Very handy for someone whos out in the field. Heat up the food and can program the time too.


    Bought 14 of them for my construction guys here at work for a raffle. They all called me and asked for the website to order more for gifts.

  • Alejandro Ramirez

    I still don’t have a Luncheaze but soon will

  • Raymond Flakus (verified owner)

    really nice to have a warm meal ..been a locomotive engineer for 28yrs an 95% of the time all i would eat was sandwiches or anything that was edible cold

  • Veronica Monroy (verified owner)

    We have both the luncheaze original for my husband and the luncheaze light for my son and they both are fabulous!!

  • Anabel Garcia

    Amazing hot lunch container- so many people have purchased this before after i got it.

  • Brad Linares (verified owner)

    I had a couple battery issues but the company replaced for free very quickly. It has changed the way I eat and it’s been amazing.

  • Carlos Pichardo

    If you want a hot homemade meal on the go, look no further than LunchEASE!


    is a game changer i love it so much

  • Erika Villeda

    My husband loves it because he doesn’t have to stop to heat up his food.

  • Matthew Lhotka

    Love it it’s a game changer just wish it held up better

  • Cody Bothast (verified owner)

    It’s awesome

  • Britney Walker

    I don’t give a raving review to the communication skills of the owners.

  • Jazmine Palomares (verified owner)

    Works great so far, have not had any issues. Not sure how long container lids will last but everything else works great

  • Travis Bobb (verified owner)

    I love it

  • Ashley Duval (verified owner)

    I bought it for somebody and today’s the first day of using it, but they were very excited for it!!

  • Sara Hicks (verified owner)

    Amazing product!! My husband loves it!

  • David Spencer (verified owner)

    I’m currently serving in the US Navy and recently came home from deployment. After a ship deploys, often it will enter into a maintenance phase in which the galley (where we eat) on board will be closed. Because of this we are required to bring our own food. It is most vital on duty days when you aren’t able to leave the ship. I went online and just started looking at standard lunchboxes, something that would keep my food fresh when it was time to eat. However, our ship only has one microwave in the valley for the crew. I was having to wait 20-30 minutes every day just to have some mediocre food courtesy of chef mike. After doing some research for something that would save me the time and hopefully some better food I came across LunchEaze. I decided to give it a try and instantly fell in love with it. By lunchtime my food is heated to perfection with no wait and tastes as if I had just cooked it. Everyone I work with saw it and wanted one to some even buying one themselves. It saves so much time and money. I can’t imagine a duty day or even a regular work day without my LunchEaze now.

  • Mirian Valenzuela

    Love it!!!

  • christi brooks (verified owner)

    it works great

  • Robert Torres (verified owner)

    Father is happy we got him the product and now he can keep fresh and hot to enjoy while he works 12+ hours a day

  • Viviana Ruiz (verified owner)

    Love it

  • Larry Marye (verified owner)

    Best money spent love lunch and when the weather is crap and I have a hot lunch the best

  • Lynnette Rubalcava (verified owner)

    My husband works in refineries and loves the item. When he doesn’t have time to get something to eat it comes in handy cuz he can have a hot cooked meal on site.

  • michael mendez

    Works amazing, got tired of having fast food everyday. Now I’m having hot home cooked meals on the road. No need to wait in line in the break room for the microwave either!

  • Esthefania Garces

    Really efficient

  • McKayla Pepper (verified owner)

    My husband uses this daily! He says it’s been such a saving grace beings he is out in the middle of nowhere 8-9 hours a day. This allows him to have a hot lunch ready to eat! No more cold lunches or no lunch at all. LunchEAZE is amazing!!

  • Ada Cervantes (verified owner)

    It’s great, work really well and saves us money because my husband doesn’t have to buy meals or eat only sans which es everyday.

  • Ricardo Figueroa

    I love my Luncheaze it’s amazing my food this always ready and I love the Bluetooth feature on it too.

  • Lucas Corley (verified owner)

    The reason it’s only a four-star review is the extra accessories that I ordered do not come in the same finish as the original. Which is very irritating to me. I know that everything is the same stainless steel but it being in two different finishes makes it feel cheaper.

  • Angel Tua (verified owner)

    Keeps my lunch very yummy

  • Kelcie Lopez

    My Husband loves it!!!

  • Monica Flannery (verified owner)

    My boyfriend loves having an extremely hot lunch at work and because he’s on the go this is the perfect tool to get the job done! The food is consistently, extremely hot and warmed up to pure perfection!

  • Denise Moore (verified owner)

    Amazing lunchbox and customer service. Highly recommend!

  • Ronald smith (verified owner)

    Simply a good product. And it’s USA made

  • Johnny Fernandez

    I really love it and bragging it, and keeps on recommending it! I am enjoying my lunch since then. The product is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much.

  • maria albarran

    I love everything about the Luncheaze except the fact that it only holds enough charge to heat up one meal. My husband works from 4am to 5pm and it would be nice to have a warm breakfast and lunch.

  • Leann Stevens (verified owner)

    Wonderful product and definitely worth the money you pay!

  • Kristin Himes

    Best idea for the hard working person in your life that doesn’t have access to a kitchen to heat up a lunch.

  • Stephanny Berith

    Loving it!!! It’s a lil small but still love it it’s worth it

  • Grace Kelly Treadwell

    great product

  • Kimm Swalley (verified owner)

    My husband absolutely love his Luncheze. It’s so easy to use and so easy to clean. It couldn’t be easier. I put in cold food the night before, pack it the next morning into the heating device and 2hrs before he eats, it starts up on its own and starts heating it. It’s always piping hot when he goes to eat and he gets so many compliments from other workers on site about how cool it is!

  • Kassandra Missios

    Amazing customer service

  • Viridiana Maldonado (verified owner)

    Good product, I just wish the battery would last a little longer.

  • Jessica Virella

    My husband loves it because he never has to look for a microwave to warm up his food!

  • Brandi Rodriguez

    My husband loves his luncheaze for work! Being in the construction field this is the only way to have warm meals without buying lunch every day. He loves the convenience and ease of use! We even got one for my Father In Law whos a truck driver. The customer service is great as well!

  • Bruse Nunez

    Best investment ever made! No more cold foods or having to use thermos! Luncheaze helps me enjoy my hot foods any time any where!

  • Patsy Bravo (verified owner)

    My husband absolutely loves it. He is happy that he is able to have hot meals for lunch.

  • Karen Powell

    Great to have , so nice to have warm home cooked lunches

  • Maria Santos Portillo (verified owner)

    LunchEAZE is excellent my husband is delighted with his hot food I am in love with it

  • Jessica Cancino

    Smaller then expected

  • Garrett Ojala (verified owner)

    Love the lunchbox. Use it everyday at work for my lunch. Highly recommend!

  • Paty Mendoza (verified owner)

    Highly recommend for anyone that works out in job sites.

  • Tom Streeter

    The perfect solution to nutritious, flavorful, hot meals in the field. Charge it up, set the timer, and it’s hot and ready exactly when you want it hot and ready.

  • Jennifer Miley

    Will buy again

  • Keri Van horne

    Fantastic works just as described. Love how portable and easy it is to use

  • Maureen DeLandreville

    A perfect, easy-to-use and reliable product for having a meal warmed and ready for exactly the right time when no one can be there to prepare it for another person or for themselves when they get home hungry. An excellent product!

  • Olivia Gaines


  • Fernando Hernandez

    Best thing I’ve bought for food at work

  • Reem Khamis

    It’s very convenient and works exactly how it should

  • Angela Carbajal (verified owner)

    Best Purchase ever! Now my husband can have a nice warm lunch everyday instead of a sandwich.

  • Elba Zarate

    they are great, even both an extra tray and Lid so he can take cold fruit as well

  • Yolanda Betancourt (verified owner)

    AWESOME product. My husband l9ves his LunchEAZE so much. He is always recommending it to others.

  • Ryan Garcia

    I really like having a warm lunch with not remembering to plug it in and the portability of the lunch box

  • Lisa Solis (verified owner)

    IT’s everything it was advertised as! He loves it! Great investment!!!

  • Natalia Sosa

    We love luncheaze!

  • Justin Adams

    This heated lunchbox is the absolute best. Well worth the money. Never eat cold lunch at work
    Again! Customer service is very responsive and helpful.

  • Jose Salinas

    awesome life saver

  • Michael Reinking (verified owner)

    Will never waste money on eating out again for lunch

  • Richard Earp (verified owner)

    I’ve copied and pasted this this review I left on your Facebook page.

    I was very sceptical about these at first, but after a lot of research, watching lots of videos and reading reviews I bit the bullet! Ordering process was very easy and postage cost to the UK was fair if I’m honest considering the weight and shipping anything internationally can be costly.

    Being from the uk we run on 240v and this being an American product who run on 110v I had to buy an inverter to “power down” the voltage because it would of instantly wrecked the Luncheaze if I’d of plugged it into the mains to charge, a little extra cost on my part but nothing major!

    I work out doors 9hours a day maybe more as an arborist, I look forward to lunch but at the same time after years of eating cold lunch’s at work I am SICK TO DEATH of it now

    BUT NOT NO MORE, this heated lunchbox is a complete game changer for me! Especially being completely cordless means I don’t have to plug it into the truck and leave the truck running! I usually stop for first break 10/10:30am, turn on the machine just before I get off my first break for it to start heating at 11am, meaning by 1pm (2hours to heat) when we normally stop for lunch my lunch is not luke warm or boiling hot, it is HOT, which means I get a nice belly full of hot food! On cold days which we’ve had recently it’s been a blessing! I add a very minimal amount of water to mix in with the food (mainly meals that contain pasta or rice) as I thought it may dry it out but it’s been great!

    I bought an extra lunch box for the food which I thought would be fine, but soon realised it wasn’t, I’ve ordered another 3 so I can prep 5 days worth of meals which will save me a lot of faffing about cooking through the week!

    A very smart insulated bag that it comes with, a nice storage compartment up top for snacks and cutlery etc then the main compartment at the bottom for the Luncheaze

    I’m completely blown away by this, yes it’s costly for what it is but being an outdoor worker this is certainly a great investment for me!

    If your on the fence about buying one, just like I was…. BUY ONE, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!

    Edit: 18/3/23

    The 3 extra containers and the smart little cutlery set turned up which is great! An added surprise of 3 extra spare lids too which is VERY much appreciated! Thank you very much for that guys!

  • Jessica Estrada (verified owner)

    My husband loves his luncheaze. Now I have no excuses for preparing food.

  • Alyssa Garcia

    Keeps food nice and warm. Love that it has a timer that you can set.

  • Chris Kazimir (verified owner)

    Amazing product

  • Cassie Watkins (verified owner)

    Very convenient. Food is warmed up and ready when I am ready to eat. Perfect temperature and perfect size.

  • Christy Cardona (verified owner)

    It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have access to a microwave, I don’t have time to leave job site to buy lunch! This allows me to enjoy a hot meal and my entire lunch hour.

  • Celina Sanchez

    My boyfriend loved getting this as a gift! He’s always on the road and often doesn’t have access to a microwave, so this works perfect!

  • Ashley Ruple

    I am interested in the LunchEAZE because working in a warehouse where alot of people go on break at the same exact time means a long wait for the microwave. I am still socially distancing, so I will usually just not grab any food just because I’m trying to keep my distance from others. So I’ll just grab a bag of chips and go to my car to eat that. But if I had the LunchEAZE,I’d be feeling alot better knowing I’m eating properly at work.

  • Brendan Peterson (verified owner)

    Never eating a cold sandwhich again! I use this everyday now, not just for work day lunches. It’s great everywhere for any occasion.

  • Eric Spicer

    Worked well before it was stolen from car.

  • Jose Vazquez

    Love my luncheaze and being able to enjoy hot lunch without a wait time.

  • Dana Cornelius (verified owner)

    My husband often would complain about the lack of access to a microwave on his job site. Frequently eating cold lunches that were definitely not intended to be cold. When I heard of this issue, I thought there must be a solution. Randomly scrolling Instagram one day, a friend of mine had posted that he was gifted this from his fiancé. So I immediately re-searched, read reviews, and decided that I was going to surprise my husband with his very own. I couldn’t stand to hold in the secret, so I had to tell him as soon as I purchased it. He was so excited and was tracking a daily until it arrived . It arrives so quickly and he was very quick to open it up and get it going. He is OBSESSED with his lunchbox. He brags about it to everyone he knows and talks about how awesome it is. We’ve been able to get multiple people to purchase their own. It’s so easy to use, easy to clean, and gives my husband a warm meal, especially on those colder days. YOU MUST BUY THIS LUNCHBOX!!!! I promise you won’t regret it!

  • Dena Hagen

    Absolutely love it! Especially since Covid, restaurants are hard to get through on the drive thru line due to company truck. Luncheaze has made lunch more healthy, economical, and convenient! Thank you

  • Pimparie Aga (verified owner)

    This lunchbox is a life saver for us. My son has allergies and diagnosed with autism. His doctor suggested to feed him healthy food so his brain and body can cope on his current condition. When we travel to Europe that’s when we struggle to feed him because he wants his food warm. When we get back, I researched for a self warming lunchbox and Thank God for this invention. I believe we were one of the first customer that you have. We purchased most likely your first 100 unit way back 2019.

  • Raquel Martinez (verified owner)

    We love it. It makes my husband lunch 10 times easier.

  • Liza Marie Tajan

    I really like it. It makes my food hot when I need it and I don’t have to worry about microwaving and having to wait for the microwave at work in line after all my other coworkers.

  • oscar Bonilla

    Overall a good product with small minor imperfections. Absolutely worth it for work and picnics.

  • christopher pelzer

    I love the ease and simplicity of PRODUCT

  • Banesa Cardona (verified owner)

    I love it, my husband loves it.

  • Noemi Arellano


  • Daniel Oyola (verified owner)

    They break after some months of use. So this time I had to purchase the 3 year warranty

  • Abigail Mendez Abad (verified owner)

    My boyfriend and I love this lunch box. He’s always ready to enjoy a hot and delicious meal wherever he’s working. I love that I am able to take care of his health and our pocket cause it’s better to eat fresh home made food, than a cheap burger. Even my step kids love lunchEAZE, they got it after we gave it a try.
    It’s worth it everyone shout get it !

  • Rachel Finch (verified owner)

    My Fiancé loves his LunchEaze, he takes it to work with him everyday. Now we wont have to waste our leftovers!

  • mohammad Murtuza

    it works great, had battery issues twice but got free replacements promptly. great customer service!

  • Ana Chavez

    Excelent product

  • Ana Taylor (verified owner)

    Perfect, easy, and satisfying

  • John Wong (verified owner)

    Wish it had quick disconnect battery pack. No tools. I need to heat breakfast and lunch

  • Kevin Diaz

    Best choice for a Carpenter to have to heat up their lunch for work!

  • Darren Meyer (verified owner)

    This is the best thing I have purchased!! It is so nice to eat a hot lunch now! No more soggy sandwiches and it has helped me lose weight by eating better.

  • Brandon Lopez

    These are so amazing.

  • April Eppley

    Was hesitant to purchase, been watching over the last year other people and their experiences. Looking forward to gifting my husband for his birthday!

  • Milton Walker

    The greatest on the go lunchbox you could ever have. It’s perfect for everything and so easy to use

  • Veronica Orea (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 of the fully loaded LunchEAZE and it was the best investment ever! My husband is a Fire Sprinkler by Trade so he is at many different construction job sites so it’s difficult to have a microwave around or office to heat up any meals so LunchEAZE is a god sent so my Hubby can now enjoy a nice hot delicious meal right there at work and it’s so convenient and easy to manage and use. I also got another for my son he is a Barber and is very short on time he is sometimes fully booked and this saves a lot of time and he can have a nice hot meal instead of a warm prep meal as he Food preps a lot to stay healthier and this is a great way to stay on track and enjoy a hot meal when you want it ready it is! We love our LunchEAZE! Please make a pink one! Thank you! Estrada Orea Family

  • Gary Drake (verified owner)

    It’s a great product. Works great and makes meal prep for the work week way easier.

  • Lupe Rodriguez

    Love the product and how easy it is to use.

  • Cesar Serna (verified owner)

    I’ve saved so much money with this product. Nothing beats a hot lunch at work

  • Tasha Henry

    My kid enjoys having hot lunches while at school.

  • Heather Bugg

    This has allow my son with Celiac’ s Disease to have hot lunch daily!!! Best investment ever!

  • Sharon Cuellar

    My husband loves it the only thing that needs improvement is the lunch bag. Zippers don’t work as well and it is too small.

  • Gina Cascio (verified owner)

    Good product

  • rogelio ornelas (verified owner)

    excellent product, keeps food very hot!!! exceeded expectations

  • Sarah Schrandt

    I figured when I got the Luncheaze it would be nice… but if exceeded my expectations in every way. Their customer service is fabulous and their meal prep add on containers were worth every penny.

  • Hannah Gray (verified owner)

    Heats up my boyfriends food perfectly since he doesn’t have access to a microwave all the time for his lunchtime.

  • Gina Barajas (verified owner)

    Best lunchbox I could have ever gotten for my husband! Saved us money and he got to have warm meals without working outside year round!

  • Maria Madrigal

    What can I say love it
    But not the price as much

  • Mambo Gaspar (verified owner)

    Perfect for working on a job with no microwave or power

  • Tiffany Rose

    It does an excellent job. The heating method makes leftovers taste fresh. It really helps me prep healthy meals that I enjoy.

  • Sonia McCracken (verified owner)

    My husband loves having hot lunches instead of daily sandwiches.

  • Lindsey Salazar

    have had for 2 years now when i purchased as a gift for my boyfriend. it has came in clutch considering the microwave at work would stop working and for many other things that got thrown off at work atleast his food is always ready to eat and warm

  • Shania Grant (verified owner)

    It’s a great product and comes in handy food stays hot

  • Caden Sipma Dysico

    Works great, always look forward to lunchtime now.

  • Hilary Christopher

    Have had a few minor issues with the battery but overall it has been amazing for my husband! He’s had a hot lunch everyday since Christmas while on his route.

  • Gracie Francis

    Hands down the best!

  • Yolanda Mendez

    I Don’t have the lunchEaze but I want to buy one for my husband so he doesn’t have to eat out as much.

  • jesenia salgado rodriguez (verified owner)

    Good product recommend it

  • Caitlin Rafferty (verified owner)

    I purchased the LunchEAZE for my boyfriend who works in construction. He absolutely loves it and uses it every day.

  • Judith Bautista

    Love it

  • Kyra Kennedy

    I wish I got the Bluetooth. I wish the meal prep came in Bluetooth

  • Kara Gallo (verified owner)

    Bought this as a gift for my better half, he does construction and at lunch eats in his car. Now he can use the app and heat up his lunch prior to his break so that his food is hot and ready for him. Excellent product and perfect for his situation with very short Break times and "shared" options of heating up food otherwise

  • michelle tobin (verified owner)

    Works amazing! I’m able to send my husband to work with lunches that he never has to worry about heating up. The automatic timer is a game changer!

  • Amber Wagnitz

    By far the most practical and money saving purchase for my husband. He was spending $10-$15 a day eating out. Now we are saving a ton of money and he’s eating such a healthier diet now!

  • Magaly RUIZ (verified owner)

    We love it

  • Joel Sage

    First day using and happy with it so far!

  • Karla Munoz

    These are so unique and nice to have. I can’t pack my boyfriends lunches the night before and not even have to worry if he’s gonna be out far from a microwave. He’ll always have a warm lunch

  • julie baca (verified owner)

    my husbands luncheaze has been great so for and perfect for when he’s truck driving all day and doesn’t have access to a microwave! he says there’s never any cold spots and loves that he can control the settings from his phone.

  • Vincent Vasquez (verified owner)

    My Girlfriend is a Registered Nurse, the unit she works in does not have a microwave. Even if they had a microwave she wouldn’t use it due to the lack cleanliness of coworkers. I cook daily and we often end up throwing food out because it doesn’t taste as good cold.

    When I found Luncheaze it was a no brainer to purchase one. The Bluetooth and easy to use screen make it easy enough for anyone to use. The first day she brought it to work her coworkers that seen it had questions. The next day they wanted a presentation!

    A few purchased and when the offer for a free insert was offered a few more including myself purchased. I absolutely love it! We hike, kayak or just explore now with hot food!! I will continue to tell everyone about how great it is!

  • Ashley Petty

    Amazing, heats food before lunch no waiting for it to grt warm

  • Christian Oliva (verified owner)

    Excelente producto convenien

  • Justin Reed (verified owner)

    I like it. maybe the actual food tin could be a little bigger,bit overall I like it. use it every day

  • Emily Allen

    It honestly works great. Just as advertised and easy to use. I would recommend it to everyone.

  • Amanda Shook (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it! My boyfriend is happy and full without eating horrible fast food!

  • jhonny castillo

    I work in mostly new construction projects and many time there isn’t power at the site or there wasn’t enough power cords available to hook up a microwave. so, I started looking online if there were any portable lunch warmer available but all I kept seeing was those that needed to be plugged into your car or an outlet. the plug-in ones for the car weren’t ideal for me because I didn’t want to risk draining my car battery. Finally, I came across this video on tik tok where this guy was showing off his lunch Eaze and I was like this is it. right away I order one and man let me tell you, it was the best purchase I ever made. I went from eating cold sandwiches to eating delicious dinner left over lol. this has also saved me about 100 to 200 a month from not having to buy lunch.

  • Paul Gonzalez (verified owner)

    It heats up my food just how I like it I give it a two thumbs up

  • Yessica Virgen

    When it comes to taking lunch to work, it always seems to be very “boring”. Especially if you work outside of an office space/building, with no accesible microwave. With the luncheaze you have endless meal choices and it’s so easy to use. Set the time you want to eat and it’s hot and ready to enjoy! You’ll have everyone around you asking where you bought it from. Never going back to boring meals. This things lasts forever

  • Loann Grohman

    The only one on the market that says what it advertise. It keeps good hot. High quality materials used. Can’t recommend enough.

  • Olivia Aguinaga (verified owner)

    This has made meal prep and healthy lunch meals so convenient. After he had to eat cold salmon due to no access to a microwave, we just knew it was time to get him a luncheaze.

  • Enmy Ventura

    Great investment

  • Athena Paterson (verified owner)

    Gets food up to the perfect temperature. Husband loved having a hot meal in the cold weather and not having to leave the job site. Made his coworkers all jealous.

  • Brenda Segovia

    Hot lunches, a blessing

  • Tiffanie Duong (verified owner)

    Only had it for a day but first meal came out nice and hot

  • Sandra Abrego (verified owner)

    Excelente calienta muy bien la comida

  • Miguel Ramos

    I’ve had it for a bout a year now and All I can say is that’s it’s definitely worth it. at first I had my doubts but I was wrong. This thing is amazing. I’ve been use to cold lunches but not anymore.

  • Tanya Dejesus (verified owner)

    Perfect product for my husband who is in construction and cannot afford to eat lunch out every day. Saves us lots of money! Don’t need to plug into car either which is great and won’t ruin car battery. Definitely recommend.

  • Isaac Krupp

    Best. Present. Ever. I use it all day every day

  • Monica Cuevas (verified owner)

    Great product

  • Dustin Crosslin (verified owner)

    Best heated lunchbox on the market. Wish I had gotten one sooner when I worked in the field.

  • Noah Feher

    Worked great for many years until one of the heaters stopped working. Easy to fix for anyone with some basic electronics skillz

  • Sandra Barrientos (verified owner)

    I bought luncheaze for my husband. He works outdoors all day and I wanted something he can always have a nice hot home cooked meal. We were impressed! Love that all we have to do is set a timer. Don’t have to worry about connecting it to the outlet in the car.

  • Evelyn Olvera

    Amazing my husband loves it ! He eats hot food no more cold food or warming it up in the truck engine.

  • Daniela Lopez

    Bought this for my husband for Christmas. I felt horrible knowing some days he had to eat his food cold. He absolutely loves his LunchEaze!

  • Ashley Mendoza (verified owner)

    I highly recommend lunchEAZE to any professional who enjoys a nice warm meal for lunch. This product it convenient and works amazing
    Warms up your food so you can enjoy a nice meal on your break! It looks cute too and the lunch bag it comes with is prefect size y can even put snacks and it has a water bottle holder on the sides.

  • Daren Dennis

    I work on the go in my service truck and never know where I’ll end up during the day. This is the perfect solution to having hot lunches without a microwave or stopping to get fast food. I couldn’t be more happy with my LunchEAZE and show it off to everyone I can. 5 stars!